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How do you know about the Olympus Stylus 7010 Camera

Olympus’ new digital Stylus models retained the old school elegance of the original and added twenty-first century imaging technology. The new ultra-thin Stylus 7010 shrinks the marque to shirt-pocket size, punches resolution up to 12 megapixels, features a 7x zoom,
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, Dual Image Stabilization, and a selection of “Magic Filters” just for fun.

Resolution keeps increasing, zooms keep getting longer, and cameras keep getting smaller. The theoretical point where the practical limitations of resolution, minimum body mass and maximum focal length intersect may soon be realized. The Stylus 7010 is currently the smallest digicam available with a 7x zoom. That may sound like another useless selling point, but upon closer examination the 7010 really is unique. The Stylus 7010 is ultra compact AND super thins a genuine shirt pocket mini-mega zoom digicam.

Image stabilization is provided courtesy of Olympus Dual Image Stabilization technology, which combines sensor-shifting mechanical stabilization with ISO-boosting digital stabilization. Olympus’s current Tropic III image processor promises speedy performance and a host of other processor-side options, including face detection, Shadow Adjustment Technology, an AF Tracking system that can lock on to and follow moving subjects, and Olympus’s Intelligent Auto automatic scene recognition mode.

In another derivation from the manufacturer’s DSLR
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, the Stylus-7010 features a set of Magic Filters, which provide time-of-capturing processing effects – a nearly identical system to the Art Filters shooting mode found on Olympus’s E-series DSLRs. Magic Filters options for the Stylus-7010 include a colorful and vibrant Pop Art setting, a Pin Hole camera emulator, and a Fisheye mode that mimics the curving lines of captures shot through a fisheye lens.

Very thin cameras often use internal focus periscope zooms to fold the light path in order to save space, but they produce images that are consistently softer than traditional design digicam zooms. The first digital Stylus I ever tested featured a periscope style zoom. Barrel distortion, corner softness, igniting, and chromatic aberration are usually well above average with periscope zooms. The nifty little 7010 features a relatively sharp and super small traditional optical zoom that goes all the way from 28mm moderate wide-angle to 200mm medium telephoto – that’s a lot of zoom for a camera that is only about an inch thick and costs less than two hundred bucks. Interface-side options include
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button, which provides a list of scene-specific settings recommendations, a Beauty Mode for smoothing skin tones in portraits, and Olympus’s standard Perfect Shot Preview technology that shows the impact of settings choices on-screen before a shot is captured.

CM7 on Nook Color w/ Stylus test – mad-murdock tweaks built

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