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With the Fire on the horizon, Barnes & Noble knew it had to up the ante. Thus, 2011′s
Nook Tablet
takes the basic Nook Color formula and delivers more storage, a faster dual-core processor, an improved screen–and, notably, a larger selection of apps. Both tablets have the same app, but the Nook Tablet’s picture looked more vivid and detailed. The Nook Tablet also has physical volume controls on the side, which come in handy–the Kindle Fire strangely lacks them. Moreover the Nook Tablet supports videos up to 1080p with IPS display (In terms of screen size, its 7-inch, 1024-by-600 pixel multitouch screen most-closely resembles the Kindle Fire’s) which will bring us an exciting movie enjoyment.

The following tutorial will mainly show you a brief way to convert your favorite DVD movies to Nook Tablet supported video formats via Mac os x lion for full playback using a powerful
Mac DVD to Nook Tablet Converter

Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac
will be your nice choice, which can easily and quickly convert DVD movie to H.264 MP4 format compatible with Nook Tablet with high quality. To adjust video resolution as 1024×600 to fit the Nook Tablet’s screen is also supported.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to
rip DVD movie to Nook Tablet H.264 MP4 format and then transfer the DVD movies to Nook Tablet for full sceen playback with high quality

Step 1. Install and run the powerful Pavtube Mac DVD to Nook Tablet Converter on your Mac OS X Lion computer and load the DVD movie files into it. Besides that, it also supports input standard DVD movies from IFO files and ISO image files.

Step 2.
Choose Nook Tablet MP4 video format

Click on “Format > Android > Nook Color (*.mp4)” to quickly get output format that let you watch DVD movies on Nook tablet in full screen with high quality.


1- In order to get the video quality you prefer for the Nook Tablet, you could adjust bitrate, frame rate, codec, sample rate, channels, etc as you wish after clicking on “Settings”.

2- If you like, you can also choose your wanted subtitle and audio track language from “Subtitle” or “Audio” to rip DVD in a simple way.

3- In case there are black borders around the videos… you can click “Edit” menu and switch to “Crop” tab to eliminate the black bars. You can easily remove black borders from the video for full screen playback on Nook Tablet.

Step 3.
Start DVD to H.264 MP4 Conversion for Nook Tablet on Mac Lion.

Wait patiently. After the above process, you can transfer the converted files from your mac computer to the Nook Tablet. Then you could
play DVD movies with the Nook Tablet in full screen with high quality
on the metro, the bus, etc to kill your time.

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