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Keep It Simple and Light – Diamond Rings & Silver Rings

History says that not only women but men too were fond of jewellery especially earrings and neck pieces. The history of jewellery or any kind of body ornamentation can be traced back to the days of stone tools where slowly and gradually as human beings raised themselves from the basics of food, clothing and shelter and starting showing an inclination towards sedentary lifestyle, their interest in body ornamentation took birth. Jeweleries are nothing but just a manifestation of human desire to look good, sometimes for his or her gratification or sometimes to please his or her beloved. As time passed by, the word ‘jewellery’ and ‘body ornamentation’ became more associated with women than men but it did not mean that men had abandoned jewellery completely. This is a fact as nowadays we see so many men wearing earrings or bracelets or some funky neck-piece. Still if we consider the majority it is women who have dominated the jewellery market.

Some of the most common pieces of jeweleries worn by women are earrings, necklaces, nose pins, bangles, toe rings, bracelets, armlets and these items come in a range of materials such as gold, silver, platinum studded with precious and semi-precious stones. gold rings(in Danish
) are generally made in gold, silver or platinum when it comes to substantial jewellery whereas as far as junk jewellery is concerned, earrings can be made out of plastic, jute, denim, terracotta or any available metal.

While designing any piece of jewellery one should keep in mind that the jewellery should only be aesthetically appealing but should be handy as well. Therefore when one is designing earrings or silver rings(In danish
sølv ringe
) one should prefer making them light in weight and sleek in design because nowadays more women prefer minimal jewellery than heavy ones.

However the importance of heavy chandelier earrings and multi layered strands of pearls or necklaces set in solid gold with numerous gemstones cannot be undermined because these are the jewellery pieces which we have inherited from our past and they form an integral part of our social and cultural history, be it any continent. It will be interesting here to note that jewelleries can also be used as subject of study for anyone who is interested in cultural history of any era.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight: Unboxing & Review

NOOK eReaders For Dummies

NOOK eReaders For Dummies


Portable guide to NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color NOOK e-readers are hotter than ever. Now you can get even more out of your NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color e-readers with this easy-access guide. Crammed with everything from how to personalize your NOOK or download books from a library of over two million choices to how to use the free Android apps or listen to audio books, this book covers everything you need to know and then some. It’s fun, practical, portable, and packed with content, just like your new NOOK. So, get this great guide and get going. Covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your NOOK Simple Touch or NOOK Color e-reader Explains essential technical details on wireless access, software updates, and touchscreen technology Walks you through how to download and shop for e-books, listen to music, adjust lighting and fonts to optimize your reading experience, or listen to audio books Explores how to use Android-based apps that come with NOOK, ways to create your own e-books, how to personalize your NOOK with accessories, how to share books with friends, and much more NOOK eReaders For Dummies, Portable Edition is the perfect accessory for your new NOOK!

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Survival Guide: Step-by-Step User Guide for the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight eReader: Getting Started, Using Hidden Features, and Downloading FREE eBooks

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Survival Guide: Step-by-Step User Guide for the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight eReader: Getting Started, Using Hidden Features, and Downloading FREE eBooks


While the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight is somewhat similar to the original Nook, its infrared touchscreen and Glowlight make for a completely different reading experience. With the new Glowlight, you can read in pitch black conditions without straining your eyes, as with an LCD screen. The Nook Simple Touch Glowlight Survival Guide provides you with tips and tricks you can use upon unboxing your new eReader. This guide sorts through all of the unnecessary clutter of the official manual and gives you task-based instructions. Instead of learning which buttons perform which functions, you will learn how to use those buttons to navigate your Nook to buy, read, and mark up your eBooks. Instead of presenting an arbitrary table of gestures you can use on the touchscreen, this book shows you where those gestures are needed by integrating them into the tasks you are doing. Additionally, each set of step-by-step instructions is accompanied by a set of detailed screenshots to help you to confirm that you are on the right track. This Nook guide includes: Getting Started: – Button Layout – Performing First-Time Setup – Connecting the Nook to a PC or Mac – Setting Up Wi-Fi – Looking Up Words in the Built-In Dictionary – Buying eBooks through the Barnes and Noble Store – Subscribing to Magazines and Newspapers – Cancelling Subscriptions – Adding bookmarks and notes – Viewing periodicals Advanced topics: – Using the Wishlist – Lending eBooks – Downloading thousands of free eBooks – Managing eBook Shelves – Archiving eBooks – Setting the Screensaver – Transferring downloaded eBooks to the Nook – Shortcuts and tips – Conserving Battery Life – Registering Your Nook – Book browsing tips – Troubleshooting – Live Nook support telephone numbers
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