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iPod Touch Accessories – The Best Way to Boost Your Musical Experience

Purchasing an iPod is just a part of the process of listening to some great music. You should have some great ways to enhance your listening experience, which can be done by getting some really wonderful iPod accessories to carry along with this music player. You should be aware of some of the good ones, before venturing out to buy them. There are various types of accessories in the market to make it more functional than it already is.

Most of these are the ones which you cannot avoid, if you own an iPod.

Docking Stations and Speakers: with the docking station and speakers, you can listen to your favorite music without using headphones or ear buds. You can just plug your iPod into the docking station or your speakers and listen loudly to your music and also let others enjoy it with you. You will also be able to experience the audio quality of your iPod. This is one of the best iPod accessories for music lovers.

Thumbtack Micro-Microphones: This ultra small mini microphone can be plugged into the headphone jack, which will turn your iPod into a digital sound recorder. You can record everything, from a lecture in your college to the baby talk of your child.

Dock Wall Charger with Nightlife: With this accessory, you will not have to worry about charging your iPod without its cords or if you cannot find a computer or compatible third party charging docket. This wall charger can be plugged into your iPod to charge it up. The best part of this charger is that it works with all the models available. This charger also has an additional feature. It has a mini light which powers up on sensing dim light.

Wireless Floating Speakers: This is one of the iPod accessories, which has truly amazed and even made them skeptical about it. However, the manufacturers have done an outstanding job in creating a speaker, which can be used in the pool or near any water. The speakers are water proof and floatable, uses wireless technology, to make your iPod safe from 150 feet away from any damage to it from water.

Turbo Charge Digital Charger: One of the most useful iPod accessories, especially, if you travel a lot. The turbo charge digital charger uses only a single turbo battery to power up your iPod swiftly and safely. The best part is that it will not overcharge your iPod. Being compact, this charger is the best option when you are travelling, to help you listen to your music for a long time.

iPod cases and Skins: Skins are necessary for iPods to customize it. You can get them in any color, graphics and textures. It is very affordable too. A good carrying case is one the most necessary iPod accessories. Other than giving a stylish look, it is an excellent way of protecting your iPod from scratches. These are available in hard or soft cases, made of, leather, vinyl or plastic. You can even customize it with stone studded designs.

There are various
iPod Touch Accessories
available, which can really offer you outstanding experience in listening to your favorite music. The online store displays some of the latest
iPod Touch Accessories

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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch BNRV300 Simple Touch 6 Battery

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch BNRV300 Simple Touch 6 Battery


This is a replacement compatible with a Barnes eReader BatteryCapacity: 1900mAh (1.9Ah)Volts: 3.7V (3.7 Volt)Type: Li-PLColor: Black & Noble Nook Simple Touch BNRV300 Simple Touch 6″ replacement batteries. Mfgr Part # DR-NK03 MLP305787 S11ND018AWarranty: 1 Year

NOOK eReaders For Dummies

NOOK eReaders For Dummies


Portable guide to NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color NOOK e-readers are hotter than ever. Now you can get even more out of your NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color e-readers with this easy-access guide. Crammed with everything from how to personalize your NOOK or download books from a library of over two million choices to how to use the free Android apps or listen to audio books, this book covers everything you need to know and then some. It’s fun, practical, portable, and packed with content, just like your new NOOK. So, get this great guide and get going. Covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your NOOK Simple Touch or NOOK Color e-reader Explains essential technical details on wireless access, software updates, and touchscreen technology Walks you through how to download and shop for e-books, listen to music, adjust lighting and fonts to optimize your reading experience, or listen to audio books Explores how to use Android-based apps that come with NOOK, ways to create your own e-books, how to personalize your NOOK with accessories, how to share books with friends, and much more NOOK eReaders For Dummies, Portable Edition is the perfect accessory for your new NOOK!
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