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How to Choose Screen Protector Motorola Droid


Well…i’m getting a Droid next week but i want to start buying the accesories because i like to keep all my stuff in like new condition, so as soon as i take it out of the box i’m planning on putting in it’s protective case and it’s screen protector but i don’t really know which are the best brands for this phone, any recommendations?…also is there anything that will cover the 3.5mm headphone jack and the micro USB slot? say something like switcheasy’s cases for the iphone? those cover there anything similar for the Droid?


I went with the Otterbox cover discussed in one of the other threads. It has plugs for the ports. Looking at the pictures, it’s hard to tell if they just pop out or what

I’ve got the Seidio Case and it’s really nice. I also go my screen protectors from Seidio, but they seem to get scratched quite easily. Go check out the Seidio thread for a bunch on opinions on the case. I personally think it’s the best.

As far as the best case go with seidio or otterbox. The best screen protector is the Steinheil Crystal by far. Very well priced and work the best. I will not use any other screen protector on my phone now.

How To Apply a Nook Color Screen Protector

WriteRight E-Reader Screen Protectors, 2-Pack

WriteRight E-Reader Screen Protectors, 2-Pack


WriteRight E-Reader Screen Protectors, 2-Pack: Fits screens up to 3.75″ x 4.75″ including the Kindle 3, Kindle 2, Nook, Kobo eReader Touch, Pandigital Novel eReader and moreProtects screen from scratchesStatic cling adhesive are easy to apply, adjust and removeReduces screen glare for easier viewingLeaves no messy residue on screenWorks with stylus and touchscreensIncludes 2 screen protectors and a soft microfiber clothWriteRight universal screen protectors come in a convenient 2-pack
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