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XS1500 Replacement Battery Installation Guide

The main focus of this article is the installation of the RBC32 replacement battery into the Back-UPS XS 1500 battery backup system manufactured by APC. The model number provided by APC for this specific unit I will be working on is XS1500. The XS1500 unit requires the RBC32 replacement battery which you can obtain directly through the American Power Conversion Co., or you can save a bit of cash by searching around the internet.

Installing the
XS1500 Battery

To begin, first disconnect all the electrical equipment plugged into the XS1500 and then unplug the unit from the outlet. Some units produced by APC are hot-swappable, meaning the unit can stay active on the power grid while a technician removes and installs the batteries. I always like to error on the side of caution, so I always recommend unplugging everything from the unit and then the XS1500 itself. Once the unit is powered down, its time to open the battery compartment. The battery compartment can be access via a small false panel on the front of the unit towards the bottom. If you look at the unit while it’s in its upright position, the front seems to be divided into two panels, one lower and one upper. The lower (bottom) panel of the XS1500 is where the battery compartment is situated. This panel will come off by applying a bit of downward pressure to compress the plastic pressure clips and slide the panel off the unit.

Once the compartment panel is off, you will see a big grey plug that connects the battery to the XS1500. You can disconnect this plug by tugging on the attached wires. After breaking the link between the battery and your Back-UPS XS 1500, it is important to commit to memory how the pack is positioned in the battery compartment. The RBC32 battery will only fit into the XS1500 unit one way, and getting it right the first time will save you a headache! After you have taken note of how the RBC32 battery is positioned in the unit, you can then use the grey plug fixed to the battery as a strap to pull the battery out of the unit (no worries, it will not break).

Now comes the time to install the RBC32 replacement battery (in the proper position) into the battery compartment and re-connect the grey clip. After connecting the clip, you can then seal the unit by re-attaching the plastic panel on the unit. Congratulations on installing your own XS1500 battery! I hope that this installation guide was useful for installing your own Back-UPS XS 1500 battery.

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