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Teach You to Use a Sony eBook Reader With a Mac

The article will tell you how to use a sony eBook reader with a Mac. The Sony eReader series and its software is not compatible with a Mac, the unit can still be connected to the computer to transfer files back and forth. However, the Windows-based eReader software is necessary for the downloading of books from Sony’s eBookstore.

Step 1

Use flash memory. The easiest and most reliable way to transfer files to and from the eReader is using memory cards. The eReader is powered by Sony’s proprietary series of flash memory cards–the Memory Stick Duo. Using a card reader, files can be transferred from the Mac to the card and vice versa.

Step 2

Connect with the USB cable. Regardless of the type of device, Macs can read any device with flash memory as an external hard drive. When bridged by USB cable, the Mac will treat the eReader as if it were a card reader, permitting the user to move files to and from the Memory Stick.

Step 3

Utilize Boot Camp. Since 2005, Apple’s MacBook and iMac computers have been equipped with Intel microprocessor chips–the same chips used in Windows-based PCs. The Macintosh operating system features an application called Boot Camp, which, when paired with the Intel processor, allows users to install Windows on their Macintosh computer and operate it. With Windows operating, install the Sony eReader software and use it to download and manage files.

Step 4

Install Parallels. Parallels is an application which, when installed directly to a Mac, permits the user to run Windows and its applications as if it were just another Macintosh program. This can be installed and run concurrently with other Macintosh software without having to boot in a different mode. The eReader software can be run from Parallels.

Step 5

Install Calibre. This open-source software is available for free from the developer’s website. Calibre is a digital media management program that provides management of all digital files. What makes it attractive is its ability to convert files–PDF, HTML, Office documents– nto the native file format of the eReader (*.lrf). Calibre cannot download new books from Sony, but it can assist with the backup and loading of non-eBook files to the unit.

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