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Accessories That Set Off Your Plus Size Gown

A lovely evening gown or wedding dress can be made even more stunning with the right accessories. In fact, on OK dress and be made beautiful with the right jewelry or shoes or other piece. It’s not about hiding your features or dress. You don’t want to go overboard! Here are just a few simple, but sophisticated accessories that can really set off plus size gowns.

Earrings a a basic and popular (some say necessary) touch for your outfit or dress. Many times, it’s the only thing you need with an evening gown. The simpler the dress, the bolder you can go with earrings. Same thing for your hair – if you go with an elaborate design, keep the earring very simple. If going bold, think chandelier earrings, shoulder dusters, or other earrings that have a bold but simple design. If you wear your hair shoulder-length or shorter or you sweep your long hair in an updo, drop earrings will show you off well. If going simple, it is hard to go wrong with a simple gold, silver, or diamond earrings.

A simple strand of pearls is gorgeous, classic and timeless. In particular, it will enhance a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress. With necklaces, a simple design of gold, silver, or diamond can be alluring.

Bracelets are not for everyone, but if you like a little flash on your wrist, add one or two for a simple touch. These look best with a sleeveless dress and remember wear it only on one wrist for a more elegant look. And nothing noisy.

Don’t forget your most important accessory – your shoes. It is crucial that your gown is complemented by an appropriate pair of shoes to complete your elegant look. As always simple is best. You shoes do not have to match completely as long as the color is complementary. And no need to go for straps, glitter or even super height if your gown will largely be covering the shoe.

Too many accessories can be too much of a good thing. Remember that less can really be more. The idea is to show off your plus size wedding dresses , not overwhelm it.

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