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How To Enhance Your Garden Log Cabin

Are you looking forward to establish a home office? Maybe you are planning to have a guest house or a place to relax in your garden? If so, what about building a lof cabin? A wooden log cabin provides your yard a rustic, charming atmosphere that perfectly complements your home.

No matter what log cabin you choose, you would want the structure to be efficiently designed. Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that.

1. Try installing drywall on some interior walls, particularly in bedrooms and extra rooms. Drywall can break up the sameness of wood and, with its bright colours, sets up a calming atmosphere. Drywall panels also set off the wood with a warm, comforting pale shade.

2. Install a fireplace at a corner rather than a wall panel. This is a perfect position if you want the fireplace to be the focus of the room. Furthermore, a corner location also saves a lot of space.

3. If you desire a real-stone fireplace but your structure cannot support the fireplace’s weight, you can sheath your present fireplace with cultured stone. Cultured stone is much lighter and is cheaper than real stone.

4. Take advantage of your interior lighting. Good interior lighting is an effective and creative mix of task, ambient, and overall space lighting. Talk to a professional interior designer or a lighting expert on incorporating these elements properly and effectively.

5. Install extra electrical outlets so you don’t have to overload one outlet with too many appliances. Having many outlets is also convenient. Think about it: you don’t want to plug a long extension wire from the kitchen to the bathroom tens of yards away so that your hair dryer would work.

6. Have a CAT-5 or CAT-5e wiring installed to every area where you may need to put up a computer in the future.

To choose a well-designed garden log cabin for sale, visit UK Log Cabins.

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