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Sliver Back Rear Cover Housing For Iphone 2G 8GB

Product Features: 100% Brand New High Quality Original iPhone 2G Back Cover Rear Panel Housing For Apple iPhone 2G 8GB (1st Generation) Silence Button & Volume Buttons are installed, All internal installation parts are included, Camera Lens are installed Original Silver Color with Titanium Apple Logo Free tools for you to install Silver iPhone 2G Back Cover Housing by yourself. Apple iPhone 2G Back Cover made of Aluminum Material Compatible With Apple iPhone 2G 8GB –This iPhone 2G Back Cover is ONLY Fit Apple 2G iPhone 8GB, NOT iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS! (Notes: NOT supplied fitting manual. Replacing your phone with this new iPhone 2G Back Cover, the preference to phone shop engineering maintainers or alternatively use the corresponding tools to change it by yourself.Before purchasing, customer is advised to search for instruction in Internet to see whether can manage to do it yourself. We do not hold any responsibility of damaging of this item and your own item due to wrong installation) Package include: Silver Original Apple iPhone 2G Back Cover Housing for iPhone 2G 8GB * 1 Free Tools * 1 URL:  

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