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When you email your resume to employers, what do you write in the “body” part of email?

Many of you write:

“ To whomsoever it may concern,

This is in reference to your job advertisement on ABC website, please find attached my resume for xyz position.

Thank you


Well, there’s nothing wrong in writing such emails, there’s nothing too impressive also in such emails—for your employer.

Remember, you get only one chance to impress your employer, so give your best shot.

Yes,I’m talking about cover letter that is read before your resume.

How to write impressive cover letters and the things to avoid.

The purpose of a cover letter is to highlight your skills and most important points in your resume as to why you should get an interview. It’s the snapshot of your resume and it tells why you’re interested in the position that you’re applying for.

Your cover letter should attract the attention of the employer and should show how your skills and achievements meet the job requirements.

Steps in writing cover letter

Step 1: Read the job description really well. Check each and every word carefully.

Step 2: Use the exact words mentioned in the job description in your cover letter.

Step 3: Follow up with a phone call to check whether the employer has received your resume and ask for a face to face interview.

If the company has given Fax No. to fax your resume, don’t forget to fax your resume and follow up with the administration person to ensure that the your resume is read first by the employer.

Cover Letter important tips

1. Address the person by his/her name. Don’t say “To whomsoever it may concern” or “Dear HR Manager”. If you read about this job posting on LinkedIn, check who’s posted this opening and address the person in cover letter. Anyone liked to be called by his/her name so don’t forget this important thing.

2. Mention the referral person’s name, if someone in the company is referring you.

3. In cover letter, use powerful action verbs like—developed, created, sold, managed, increased or saved

4. Don’t use overused words like “attached my resume” or “attached herewith”. Instead use uncommon and unique language.

5. In first two paragraphs highlight how your skills and achievements will be a perfect match for the position and how you can add value to the company.

6. Mention that you’ll follow with a phone call. Mention date and time for your phone call and keep your word.

7. At the last, use call to action language. What is call to action language? It means the language gets the reader to take action.

Example: “View my resume to check how I’ve increased sales of my company by 20%”


“ Check the details in my resume to see my achievements in software development. I’ll gladly discuss this in detail during the interview.”

See, how this language gets the reader check your resume. Also, the reader ( employer in this case) would be interested to meet you and discuss your achievements in detail and see how you can repeat the same activity for his company,too.

Your chances of getting interviews will increase multifold if you use this strategy.

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