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Jelly Bean on 8GB Nook, pt1 – Intro

The Penny Candy Story

The Penny Candy Story


Sally is a good little girl with a kind heart. When her sweet tooth acts up and she gets a hankering for some candy, she has no trouble convincing her mother to give her fifty cents to spend at the nearby penny candy store. On their way, Sally and her mother pass a park. All the children in the park seem sad for some reason, but Sally can’t imagine why. Inside the store, though, there is nothing but joy. There is candy in every corner and every nook, from lollypops to jelly beans to chocolate marshmallow mustaches! When the store clerk offers Sally a bag, she happily accepts and proceeds to fill the bag with fifty wonderful pieces of candy. But what will Sally do with so much candy? Join Sally as she learns about sharing in this sweet tale of her trip to the penny candy store.
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