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Barnes and Noble Nook Color Features – Nook in Color

Now with a wave of new competition such as the Motorola Xoom, Blackberry playbook and the Kindle it’s hard to learn which is the optimal unit to get. Well if you’re looking for the cheapest tablet glimpse no further. The Nook Color simply hit the scene and possesses critics in a frenzy at a beautiful price point of $249 with tons to offer. Why all the talk about the Nook Color? The reason for any rave reviews is which Barnes and Noble offers just brought down that barrier of eReader together with tablet. What has ensued can be a color reader for those who enjoy magazines as well as the ability to download over 2 million books filled with an e-ink interface for reading outside. Of course the tablet wouldn’t be complete without enable you to manage your email account and surf the web. Finally to ice it off it was built on the Android platform with a number of key apps and yes the Nook Color supports Flash. While the apps for the Nook are rather limited currently Barnes and Noble is approving ever more. There are handful of staples that are available such as Facebook, Twitter and pulse news to name a few. Again these are in the discretion of Barnes and Noble at the present time as they have yet to open the avalanche gates of apps on Android. However for the moment it’s enough to sway people over the fence who have wanted an eReader as well as a tablet. The beauty is actually that both these functions are married into one. You can finally enjoy a great read in the sun as well as surf the web to catch up with the daily news. Another really popular feature that’s parents in a frenzy is a Nook Kids program. With this particular feature your children’s stories literally come alive. Story time now becomes interactive as your sons or daughters can now participate within their stores. You of course can perform the reading or enjoy the nook take over for you if you value. Depending on the book the interactions for the child are different but it surely adds a whole brand-new level to story time and a bit of time with your child. In closing if the Nook at $249 dollars holds out of reach everyone also has another amazing option. Barnes and Noble has become selling certified pre-owned Nook Colors for a reduced price. The great thing do you find it still comes with the identical 1 year warranty as a fresh device. So it removes risk most of the risk from the equation and is great viable option to now consider. .The Nook Color eBook Reader Tablet might just be considered a new reading experience, one that will take you a step closer to a modern take on ereaders. It has so many features that are only recently recommended by the latest offerings in digital readers. One of the biggest features of the Nook Color ereader is that it has a full color touchscreen. This is kind of a new thing with regard to e-readers. Even the Kindle is still only offered in non colored documents, and has a touchpad, truly touchscreen. So the Nook Color digital reader is easy and fast to flip through, change pages effortlessly, and go through different screens quickly.

Barnes and noble factory refurbished nook color

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