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How to Charge a Car Battery Using a Battery Charger

If you find yourself with a dead battery in your car and have accessto a battery charger you are only some time away from being on the roadagain. Whether you are using a small car charger known as a trickle charger or a larger unit on wheels, you can chargeyour battery effectively. There are safety concerns though. Be sure tocheck the warnings 1、Locate the battery or remote charging point by consulting theowner’s manual. You can also open the hood to find the battery. The laptop battery may be under a seat, in which case a charging point may be provided under the hood. 2、Remove any plastic covers that may be protecting the positive andnegative posts of the battery. Just push the covers to the side as theyare usually pliable. Note the location of positive and negativeterminals signified by a plus and a minus sign respectively. 3、Locate the laptop car charger so that its cables will reach the battery. Make sure your charger willreach an electrical outlet. Add an extension cord if needed. 4、Place the clamps of the charger on the battery making sure thatthe red handled clamp goes to the positive battery post and the blackhandled clamp goes to the negative laptop batteries post. If you are not sure, trace the cable attached to the clamp backto the charger and look for a positive or negative designation. If youare still not sure, stop and seek professional advice. 5、Plug the charger in, making sure that the selection switch is set to off. 6、Select the appropriate voltage and or rate (almost all cars have a12 volt system). If time permits choose the slower rate and plan oncharging the battery for two hours. This selection will turn thecharger on. If the charger has a timer, set it. 7、After charging the battery, unplug the charger, disconnect the charger’s cables and start the car.

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