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Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight Nighttime Reading Tests

A Newbies Guide to Nook GlowLight

A Newbies Guide to Nook GlowLight


Welcome to your new Nook GlowLight! This guide will get you started with all things Nook GlowLight. While it is a relatively simple device, there are plenty of hidden features, customization settings, and extensibility options that can help you go beyond the out-of-the-box ebook experience. The first half of this guide includes Nook Basic Training. In Part 1: Introducing Nook GlowLight, we’ll give you an overview of your device, including how it stacks up against certain competitors named after large South American rainforests. In Part 2: Getting Started, we’ll show you how to get your device up and running, as well as how to find your way around, type, and care for your device. In Part 3: Buying Barnes and Noble Content, we’ll introduce you to the Barnes and Noble Shop. Part 4: The Reading Experience gets to the heart of Nook ownership by showing you how to read and manage your Nook books, as well as all the cool extras that come along with Nook books. In the second half of this guide, we’ll move into more advanced features that will help you truly get the most out of your Nook. Part 5: Sideloading Books will show you how to add files from outside the Barnes and Noble ecosystem, and Part 6: Public Library Lending will point you toward free downloads from participating libraries. Part 7: Getting Social will walk you through your Nook’s social features, including sharing, Nook Friends, and Nook lending. In Part 8: Settings and Hidden Features, we’ll show you how to fully customize your device, add photos to your screensaver collections, surf the web, and more. We’ll wrap things up in Part 9: Free Books for Your Nook with ten of our favorite sources for legal free ebooks.
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