Nook First Generation Battery

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The World’s First iPad Battery Base

Apple iPad tablet
is on the market , the product has endless varieties of accessories.
The battery base
is the world’s first.

This HyperMac Stand on the base can also provide support functions that iPad power supply, the maximum life ups to 16 hours, which is so amazing for us.

Designed with two slots can support iPad insert, or with the protective cover with insert. Own weight of 360g, shape size 153 × 107 × 29mm.

HyperMac Stand battery base

Built-in 11,000 mAh Li-ion battery, the power life is 16 hours. IPad powered by USB interface can also be at the same time through the mini USB interface to recharge itself, full of power required 4 hours. it can be recharged 1000 times.

How to Remove Nook Battery & Micro SD Card

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