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Best Way to Transfer Over 4GB Blu-ray Movies for Nook Color

Own a e-book – Nook Color, many people may want to enjoy blu-ray 1080p HD movies on it. However, Nook Color can’t directly play blu-ray movies, so if users want to play blu-ray full HD film on Nook Color, they need to rip blu-ray to Nook Color workable formats. Another problem is that the file of most blu-ray movies are more than 4G, but Nook Color use FAT32, which has the file size limitation of 4GB. In this case, users need to separate blu-ray movie into several clips to ensure that these clips are less than 4GB and can be imported into Nook Color for enjoying.

How to realize them? For it, I recommend a
powerful blu-ray to Nook Color converter – Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper
, which can directly load Blu-ray disc movie to crack and remove AACS (up to MKB v21), CSS, region code, BD+ encryption, or other copy protections from Blu-ray, and rip them to Nook Color with the easiest way.

Now, follow me to get step-by-step guide on how to
rip blu-ray movies for Nook Color
with the best format.

Step 1
: Run
Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper
Mac Version
) as the
best Blu-ray 1080P movie to Nook Color converter
, and add your blu-ray disc, ISO/IFO or blu-ray folder into this program.

Step 2
: Select the chapters you want and choose the best video format for Nook Color.

Click on “Format” to quickly select the best video format to play movies on Nook Color. The video format – Motorola Droid (X)
H.264 Video (*.mp4)
is recommended here, which will keep the output video with excellent video quality with
854*480 resolution
for full screen playback compatible for Nook Color.

You can also click on “Settings” button to set setting parameters for best video effect you like, like bitrate, frame rate, codec, sample rate, and more.

It is also available to join several blu-ray chapters into only one for playback without interruptions by checking “Merge into one file”. If the file is too big, your can also use “Trim” function to separate blu-ray video into several clips to ensure the file less than 4G.

Step 3
: Click on “
” button to
convert Blu-ray movies for Nook Color
. Its convesion speed will be up to 500% faster speed if on your CUDA-enabled machine.

Hopefully the guide of
transfering Blu-ray Movies for Nook Color
is helpful for you.

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Emerson Quote Cover in Kiwi for NOOK Simple Touch

Emerson Quote Cover in Kiwi for NOOK Simple Touch


To power your device on or off, simply push the “n” logo on the back of the over. Emerson Quote Cover in Kiwi for NOOK 2nd Edition: Suede-lined interiorKiwi colored NOOK Simple Touch leather case has a vertical accessory pocketEmbossed “n” logoPower device On/Off by pushing “n” logo on the eBook reader caseBar clip mechanismEmerson Quote Cover for NOOK Simple Touch has easy access to charging port and control buttons

Hers: Design with a Feminine Touch

Hers: Design with a Feminine Touch


Design your own beautiful sanctuary in any space, with unabashedly feminine style Whether you are happily single or a mother of four, having a room that pleases you is a common fantasy. After all, what woman doesn’t want a modern, romantic, feminine, grown-up space that she can call her own-where she can listen to opera (or eighties music) and engross herself in the pages of Jane Austen (or the latest celebrity gossip)?” “Hers “offers hundreds of stylish ways for creating your own private retreat, even when your bedroom doubles as your living room or when delicate furnishings don’t seem compatible with kid-friendly living. With some thoughtful rethinking of your home’s layout and some imagination, you can dedicate part of a shared space to your own interests, and Jacqueline deMontravel will show you how. These interiors celebrate the beauty and comfort of feminine design with color, furniture shapes, and attractive accessories. Lose yourself in such imaginative possibilities as: – an old-glamour boudoir complete with a vanity table and a bed piled high with linens – a sophisticated dressing room with a plush ottoman and a floor-to-ceiling mirror – a delightful nook created by an antique bench, a Parisian rug positioned beneath a staircase, and a whimsical clock – a bedside seating area accented with a tufted lounge chair and a mirrored nightstand holding a collection of fashion books – a small reading corner with a bright orange chair next to a mod table and a vase of Gerbera daisies And because a woman’s style doesn’t always mean frills and lace, “Hers “includes modern interpretations of the feminine classics: stripes in place of florals, hot pink shoes displayed like works of art, or a retro red-and-black color scheme with pop accessories. Along with hundreds of enchanting photographs, you’ll find plenty of ideas for personalizing and enjoying your space; hints on how to make your space sexy, special, and inviting; guidance on being prepared to entertain gu

Leather Tablet Sleeve with Pouch for iPad 1 & 2, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook - Black

Leather Tablet Sleeve with Pouch for iPad 1 & 2, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook – Black


Leather Tablet Sleeve with Pouch – BlackBeautiful and fashionable this sturdy leather sleeve will protect your Tablet. Complete with a front pocket to hold your accessories. Can be used with your Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Nook Color or other large tablet devices in its protective cover. Dimensions: Inside: 10″ x 8Outside: 10.5″ x 8.5″ (12.5″ diagonal/across).5″ thickCompatible with: iPad 1 & 2KindleKindle FireNook

NOOK eReaders For Dummies

NOOK eReaders For Dummies


Portable guide to NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color NOOK e-readers are hotter than ever. Now you can get even more out of your NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color e-readers with this easy-access guide. Crammed with everything from how to personalize your NOOK or download books from a library of over two million choices to how to use the free Android apps or listen to audio books, this book covers everything you need to know and then some. It’s fun, practical, portable, and packed with content, just like your new NOOK. So, get this great guide and get going. Covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your NOOK Simple Touch or NOOK Color e-reader Explains essential technical details on wireless access, software updates, and touchscreen technology Walks you through how to download and shop for e-books, listen to music, adjust lighting and fonts to optimize your reading experience, or listen to audio books Explores how to use Android-based apps that come with NOOK, ways to create your own e-books, how to personalize your NOOK with accessories, how to share books with friends, and much more NOOK eReaders For Dummies, Portable Edition is the perfect accessory for your new NOOK!
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