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Dell Studio PP39L battery replacement and ac adapter

Dell Studio PP39L battery will meet or exceed original specifications, fits laptop model Dell Studio PP39L, battery type KM887, WU946, KM904, KM905, MT264, MT276, PW773, WU960, WU965.



Capacity : Li-ion

: 11.1V

: 7800mAh Color

Net Weight

Dimension : Black

: 471.5g

: 284.60*48.30*37.70mm Availability : In Stock Now

Condition : Brand New – 1 Year Warranty,30 Days Money Back.

List Price : £ 74.61

Your price : £ 55.27( save 35%)

What causes short lifetime of the dell Inspiron 1440 battery? How to prolong the lifetime of battery?


a.Charger or electro circuit can’t be fit for the battery.

b.Overcharge and overdischarge, etc.

c.Battery can’t comply with the charging requirement


a.Use the original charger.

b.Charge the battery after it automatically powers off , then full charge the battery.

c.Avoid erroneous usage of battery, such as heavy pressure, short circuit, fall off and so on.

Why can’t the dell Inspiron 1440 battery be charged? How to solve this problem?


a.The battery has no voltage.

b.There is problem with charger, as it has no output electric current.

c.Low charging efficiency due to external cause.


a.Test whether the charger has voltage and output electric current or not.

b.Check if the charger is well contacted with battery.

c.Activate the battery with voltage and current 1.5 time higher then the highest ones of battery. (Use this method only when the battery can’t be charged.)

What’s the reason that causes the dell Inspiron 1440 battery with no voltage or low voltage? How to avoid this problem?


a.No voltage.

b.External shot circuit or overcharge, anti-charge

c.Cells expansion and short circuit caused by direct anode contact and continuous high efficiency electric current overcharging.


a.Check if the battery is without voltage or electric current.

b.Avoid short circuit.

c.Avoid collision and pressure among batteries.

d.Charge the battery after it automatically powers off , then full charge the battery.

How to Replace The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Battery

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