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Barnes and Noble Coupons for Book Lovers

Books are the major sources of knowledge. If you like to buy books or passionate about maintaining your own library, you can find Barnes and Noble as a best place for getting books of your choice. Starting from A to Z, the bookstore provides books on all topics. Not only books, you will also get DVDs, music books, music posters, magazines, and daily newspapers online on the bookstore’s website. There is a separate section for kids where you will get different books for different age groups. The best selling series, puzzles, arts and crafts, baby and toddler toys provided by the bookstore will help your kids to decide the best options available on the Internet. You might be thinking that getting the books from this bookstore is going to be a costly affair. However, the bookstore is providing various ways to save their customers money and to promote their business. The store is offering its membership and discount coupons to save your valuable money. You can get various Barnes and Noble coupons easily on the Internet. Some quick tips to get the coupons easily are as follows:

Opt for Barnes and Noble membership. The membership charges are $25 per year, but it is worthy. The B&N members get exclusive offers, coupons, and heavy discounts on every purchase. You can save up to 40% on your purchase from a store or online. If you are a book lover, who shop for books every month, then this is the best option for you. The bookstore also offers free express shipping services in some months to its members.

Use Internet as much as possible to search coupons codes of B&N store. The coupon codes offer 10% off on your purchase.

Search for the B&N printable coupons on the Internet. Before using the coupons, just make sure to read the instructions properly as some of them may be valid for members only. I would suggest you to look for coupons codes rather than spending time in searching for printable coupons, which are not easily available.

Search for the deals and sales ads for promotions, you can definitely find some good discounts

Search for different shops located in your area that supplies you B&N books. Register yourself to their newsletters service and get various discounted coupons in your inbox.

Another best place where you will get latest information for the upcoming coupons is on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So, to all book lovers, start enhancing your knowledge with the wide ocean of books provided by B&N.

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Gomadic Intelligent Compact AC Home Wall Charger suitable for the Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi Fi

Gomadic Intelligent Compact AC Home Wall Charger suitable for the Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi Fi


Gomadic Powerful High Wattage wall charger for home or travel use. Customized circuit design is based on the latest in power regulation and is tailored to the precise output voltage and resistor ID requirements of the Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi (accurate to 0.1v!) Advanced state-of-the-art internal circuitry protects the Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi from power surges overcharging and short-circuiting to significantly extend the internal battery lifecycle.”Power Sleep” feature reduces vampire power draw 99%. Charger will consume less than 0.1W of power when in “dormant state” (e.g. not connected to the Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi ).Uniquely engineered in a small lightweight and highly portable design the Gomadic Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi Wall Charger travels easily saving both space and time. TipExchange Technology protects your investment by providing a means to change/upgrade your charger by simply swapping the physical charging tip. (Charging tip for Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi ) included with additional tips sold separately)The Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi is not an inexpensive device so why risk damaging it with a cheap wall charger? When it comes to safely powering devices Gomadic chargers have always stood alone. We have been in the power accessory business since 2001 and continue to innovate in power circuit design and miniaturization. Our Barnes and Noble Nook 3G Wi-Fi Travel Wall Charger is a very powerful (high wattage) very compact (measures around 2.5 inches diagonally with foldable wall plug) and very well made (backed by lifetime warranty) accessory. Top it off with our upgradeable and interchangeable Gomadic TipExchange Technology and this will most certainly be the last charger you ever buy.
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