Kindle With Keyboard Cover

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Amazon’s Kindle Leather Cover (for Kindle Keyboard 3)

Kindle. The Unofficial Manual. Chinese Edition

Kindle. The Unofficial Manual. Chinese Edition


Kindle – the unofficial manual. Guidebook, tips and tricks” is currently the most extensive Chinese-language Kindle handbook around and aims to live up to its title. It covers Kindle, Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch. “Kindle – the unofficial manual. Guidebook, tips and tricks” describes Amazon’s successful family of e-readers in plain Mandarin. It invites you to a tour through the many functions of the device. You won’t be left alone even in the depths of the configuration and of the file system. The book tells you how to use your Kindle optimally. You learn what to read, hear and watch with the reader and how to adapt the device to your needs so to save time and money. If you’re interested, we’d like to bring you from entry-level Kindle user up to the level of a pro who can get the very most out of his Kindle, even including programming apps for the Kindle and writing your own books. The helpful guide stems from the plentiful pool of experience both authors have amassed with all revisions of the Kindle. You’ll find that beyond the basics we’ve been able to bring together a great deal of true insider knowledge. We’ve also asked for contributions from guest authors from the programmer and hacker scene that will hopefully show you entirely new sides of the Kindle. This is the Chinese edition of the manual. The contents are in Chinese (simplified).
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