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Amazon Kindle 3 Lighted Leather Cover: Unboxing and Demo

Your Book is the Hook

Your Book is the Hook


Writing a non-fiction book is a great way for business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business and get noticed. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, therapist or trainer, becoming an author allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, giving you credibility in your profession. Your Book is the Hook shows you how to do this by giving you the exact strategies to create a book that will increase your visibility. Most importantly, it allows you to attract more of the right clients who want, need and are ready to pay for your services. Learn what you need to do first to ensure you and your business are book ready Get clear on what your ideal clients and readers want, what makes your book different, and the hook that gets you noticed Discover content structure and planning secrets to make it easier to get started with your book and motivated to get it finished! Implement simple ways to incorporate stories and case studies into your book that enhance and strengthen your ideas Find out how to write the book that allows you to stand out, and tips to sell your ideas to a publisher through your synopsis or book proposal Understand the different options to get your book published, whether you decide to go down the self-publishing, partnership, traditional publishing or Kindle route. Get to grips with strategies to market and promote your book to use it as a PR and business tool, hold a successful book launch, and become a number one bestseller on Amazon. The thing that makes Your Book is the Hook different is that it gives you the strategies to build your business before you even put your hand on your keyboard. It gives you ideas and inspiration to create an effective plan that fits around your time constraints and life, as well as hints and tips for writing. Plus you’ll get implementable steps to make money from your book and ways to use it as a marketing tool from the day you decide to write it.
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