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Make Your iPad Even Better With Keyboard Case

Ipad you want to improve your typing skills? When you spend a lot of time to enter up a text file, whether they are just working notes or long, well-structured e-mail, iPad Touch-screen is often poor.

At the same time, I can understand some of you do not need the keyboard to play the angry birds, but for those of us who have commercial use for the iPad, this sort of thing is actually very convenient. I have a
iPad keyboard case
, I like it. My problem is the limited viewing angle, so this will solve the problem.

Why do I need a iPad case with keyboard, because you have no way to know if you find the right key or not because the unit’s screen in the IPAD way mirror texture. When you are typing fast, did not really pay too much attention to the text down, you will eventually get a big spelling mistakes, errors automatically correct words, even words from the letters rather than the long list of space separated! This is why so upset, because each of the touch screen keyboard to type a document, you have to go through it, all the small errors could not be more correct.

At first, I have some difficulty reduced size keyboard typing, but it is not absolutely impossible. The size of the keyboard itself is limited in size iPad 2. However, this keyboard is more likely due to a large number of virtual keyboard better. First, it’s the body, so that the tactile feedback (allowing you to enter the normal, rather than constantly check your position on the finger on the screen.) Second, it has a convenient, so like cut, copy and paste the special permit number of commonly used functions, undo, redo, music playback controls, spotlights, Home button, photo slide show started, so I find myself using more of these key and more frequent. In fact, I like them, so they do not want to go back to my iPad on a regular basis with the Bluetooth keyboard, although slightly reduced size keyboard typing more difficult. This difficulty is not easy with practice, as long as you do not have big hands. Since my hands are quite normal, if not a little thin, I have adapted to use the keyboard quite easy.

I really think
iPad keyboard case
is a great travel accessories and a iPad 2. Not the case when the position and Bluetooth keyboard, you need this guy. With it, you have most of the functionality of a notebook, but less weight and size. You can access it like a book, only a keyboard and a removable functional interface. You will also be able to enjoy the keyboard case to provide the functional point of view, allowing you to use the IPAD as a screen mounted at an angle per se level and your eyes comfortable.

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