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Windows Phone 7 will Support Wi-Fi Hotspots

Microsoft’s Windows Phone system with its new interface, and good user experience, interested a lot of consumers. But the slightly unfortunately, WP7 phones do not support Wi-Fi hotspots. However, according to foreign news media, Microsoft Windows Phone Mango has been added to the system version of this utility function. (Related:
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According to Wpcentral sites reported, in the 7720 Windows Phone Mango systems development version, users can Internet Sharing (network share) option under the open Wi-Fi hotspots, then set the password, the operation is very simple. According to the exposure images, each wireless hotspot can support five visitors, a few minutes later, the hot spare will automatically shut down.

Wi-Fi hotspots knowledge:

Wi-Fi hotspots, is the in Internet access service locations the public areas and wireless LAN (WLAN). Such sites are coffee shops, airports, business hotels, universities, large-scale exhibition museum. Some of these hotspots provide wireless broadband access. Some are fee services, while others are free. In areas covered by wireless hotspots, the user can use with internal or external wireless card laptop and PDA, to achieve access to the Internet.

windows phone 7 will support wi-fi hotspots

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