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eCAFtech Adds Wi-Fi and GPRS Technology to Its Audience Measurement Solution

Taiwan eCAFtech is an audience measurement company serving DOOH network operators, DS integrators, advertisers and advertising agencies. The core business of eCAFtech is providing application solution used for analyzing OOH digital signage viewer.

Up until now, the company has developed the Digital Signage Viewer Counter 200 (Below abbreviated DSVC-200), it utilizes anonymous face-detection algorithms to collect data on how many people looked at the advertising, how long they watched, and their demographics(gender and age bracket).It does all of this while maintaining total anonymity and complete respect for people’s privacy. By integrating Wi-Fi and GPRS technology, DSVC-200 introduces a whole new way to measure and transfer the displays audience data from anytime anywhere! It not only replaces internet transmission data way, it also introduces new concepts in audience measurement.

The analytics viewer data allows DOOH network operators, DS integrators, advertisers and advertising agencies to tailor advertising plans based on audience behavior and characteristics, helping to show the right message to the right people at the right time. DSVC-200 also makes it possible for advertisers to measure and maximize the Return On Investment(ROI) and Return On Objectives(ROO) for their advertisement campaigns.

About eCAFtech

Ecaf Technology, Inc. has devoted in the research of biometric identification technology since 2005. eCAFtech integrate unique face detection algorithms into the development of application products. In 2010, eCAFtech has developed a powerful face detection host that utilizes the combination of two main recognition algorithms-Principal Component Analysis with eigenface and Linear Discriminate Analysis-to achieve at fast and accurate detection of each individual face.

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+886-2-2918-3709 ext 101

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