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Easiest Way to Setup Wi-Fi Connection on LG Optimus S

As a new user of LG Optimus S, you may easily select the Wi-Fi network. But id you want to change the settings about LG Optimus S Wi-Fi network, how to setup the Wi-Fi connection when you use the new phone – LG Optimus S? The following will show you the easiest method on setting up Wi-Fi connection on LG Optimus S.

Easiest Way to Setup Wi-Fi Connection on LG Optimus S

When you opt in for either Mobile Network or Wi-Fi, or just Wi-Fi, the Optimus S will by default try to connect to a Wi-Fi network near you. You need to enter the password. After that you can use the Wi-Fi network! But now if you want to reset the Wi-Fi network, you can follow the steps which can help you easily setup the Wi-Fi connection on LG Optimus S.

Step 1:
On the Start screen, tap the arrow or swipe right to left to go to your App list.

Step 2:
Select Settings -> System -> Select Wi-Fi settings.

Step 3:
Now you have to choose a listed network, or add a hidden network by selecting Add Wi-Fi network. In most cases you’ll see both secure and unsecured networks.

Step 4:
Now tap the network you want to connect to. After you choosing Wi-Fi network, enter the password, press Connect and you’ll be connected to that network. Now tap done to finish.

But if you wish to access a hidden network, select Add Wi-Fi network and enter the SSID. Ok! You have set up the Wi-Fi connection on LG Optimus S. Good luck!!!

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