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A Freelance Writer's Guide to Researching

A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Researching


If you’re a freelance writer and you’re interested in learning about how you can research more effectively – and how you can take that research and turn it into multiple pieces of content – you’re in luck. This book outlines the process I use for every nonfiction piece I write that relies on research. While I’m primarily a fiction author, I also write about many nonfiction topics for a variety of outlets. Publishing eArticles on the Kindle, pitching articles to magazines, learning how to write white papers, and blogging for profit are just a few of the ways you can utilize one set of research. Many freelancers skimp on research because it takes so much time, and there are easier ways to churn out articles. But good research leads to higher quality work, and higher quality work means bigger paychecks and faster sales cycles. That’s why it’s so crucial to learn how to research, and how to use that research effectively so you can maximize your time and earn more money. While there are many ways of researching, and this research method is only one of them, it’s the research method that works for me in my freelance writing career, and so I decided to pass it along. I run a blog with readers in over fifty countries, and I’m always amazed at how many comments I receive telling me how helpful the advice there has been. Research, though, takes a lot longer to thoroughly explain than a blog post or two will allow for. So, here’s your guide to the way I do research in one succinct package. I hope you’ll find something useful in it, even if you decide not to use the entire system. There are plenty of how to books about small business, entrepreneurship, business writing, personal development, small business management, and many others. But I believe that a book about how to conduct research and write high quality content from it can help not only freelance writers, but any small business owner who wants to use the written word to improve their success.

Job's War

Job’s War


The perils on the trails West in the 1800′s were many and often deadly. Besides the primitive living conditions, there were outlaws and racism to cope with along the way. Vigilante justice and racial prejudice were prevalent and practiced openly in many towns. Job Irvin, being part Cherokee, finds himself a victim of social injustice because of his Native American apearance. Speaking good English and carrying American citizenship papers does little to dampen the the prejudice and hatred directed at anyone of color on the trail West. The heroic rescue of Angie Cooper from a white slaver only complicates Job’s trek West. A geniune romance develops between the two and Job realizes that Angie is to be the most important part of his future in Texas. He travels on alone to prepare a home for his future bride. Lifetime friendships are kindled on the wagon train that Job leads West to Texas. He learns that ignorance and apathy maintain the cruel mentality of prejudice and hate between the races of men. He decides to resist intolerance and speak out for equality of all men even though the consequences could be deadly. He tightens his cinch and extends his hand to others hoping his example will encourage others to pass it on!

Stryker's Ambush

Stryker’s Ambush


The brainchild of Amazon Kindle Number One bestselling western writers Mike Stotter and Ben Bridges, PICCADILLY PUBLISHING is dedicated to reissuing classic fiction from Yesterday and Today! STRYKER’S AMBUSH Matt Stryker took it easy after taking lead from King Rennick, spending most of his time in a big chair leaned up against the wall of Charlie Clark’s Kitchen. Then Deputy U.S. Marshal Ness Havelock rode in and asked Stryker to find Alfredo McLaws. Worth ten thousand dollars, Havelock said, alive. McLaws, being half Yaqui, headed down the Outlaw Trail for Mexico, not knowing someone had framed him in a stage holdup. Important government papers were missing, and McClaws was said to have them. Having nothing better to do, Stryker took the job. In riding for Mexico, he heard of a militia being put together in Nogales, Arizona. To protect the town, Jason Bills said, but the sign said the militia was getting set to invade Mexico. Bills held that Arizona’s southern border should be a straight line across the 19th parallel, and he was going to back his claim with a hundred men, new repeating rifles, and Gatling guns. Suddenly Matt Stryker was in a race. He had to enlist the Rurales, the Yaquis, the Apaches, and the Pimas in an ambush to keep Bills’s Nogales Guards out of Mexico and save Alfredo McLaws’s neck. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charles T. Whipple, an international prize-winning author, uses the pen name of Chuck Tyrell for his Western novels. Whipple was born and reared in Arizona’s White Mountain country only 19 miles from Fort Apache. He won his first writing award while in high school, and has won several since, including a 4th place in the World Annual Report competition, a 2nd place in the JAXA Naoko Yamazaki Commemorative Haiku competition, the first-place Agave Award in the 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Competition, and the 2011 Global eBook Award in western fiction. Raised on a ranch, Whipple brings his own experience into play when writing about the h

The Diamond Master

The Diamond Master


There were thirty or forty personally addressed letters, the daily heritage of the head of a great business establishment; and a plain, yellow-wrapped package about the size of a cigarette-box, some three inches long, two inches wide and one inch deep. It was neatly tied with thin scarlet twine, and innocent of markings except for the superscription in a precise, copperplate hand, and the smudge of the postmark across the ten-cent stamp in the upper right-hand corner. The imprint of the cancellation, faintly decipherable, showed that the package had been mailed at the Madison Square substation at half-past seven o’clock of the previous evening. Mr. Harry Latham, president and active head of the H. Latham Company, manufacturing jewelers in Fifth Avenue, found the letters and the package on his desk when he entered his private office a few minutes past nine o’clock. The simple fact that the package bore no return address or identifying mark of any sort caused him to pick it up and examine it, after which he shook it inquiringly. Then, with kindling curiosity, he snipped the scarlet thread with a pair of silver scissors, and unfolded the wrappings. Inside was a glazed paper box, such as jewelers use, but still there was no mark, no printing, either on top or bottom. The cover of the box came off in Mr. Latham’s hand, disclosing a bed of white cotton. He removed the downy upper layer, and there-there, nestling against the snowy background, blazed a single splendid diamond, of six, perhaps seven, carats. Myriad colors played in its blue-white depths, sparkling, flashing, dazzling in the subdued light. Mr. Latham drew one long quick breath, and walked over to the window to examine the stone in the full glare of day.

View of a Cemetery ~ Victorian Romance and Erotica

View of a Cemetery ~ Victorian Romance and Erotica


The first snow has already fallen and covered London in white.A lone writer by the name of William is working late, when he notices a flickering light opposite the street in the neglected Winchester cemetery. He decides to investigate it further…An extract from the story:”…Not responsible for my actions…” she whispered slowly and stood up, tip-toe, and kissed him. He was too surprised to draw back and when he tried, she had already placed her unexpectedly strong arms around his neck and he lacked the strength to pry them away. In fact, he felt strangely helpless, like it was someone else who acted instead of him, as he kissed her back. His hands involuntarily reached her waist and pulled her closer. She, on the other hand, shredded his clothes like they were made of paper and pulled him down towards the floor with him on top of her. Keywords: Yearning, vampires, vulnerability, hunger, mild ravishment. About the author: Lady T.L. Jennings is a secretive writer who loves the Victorian era, afternoon tea, and small obedient dogs. She lives in Oxfordshire, England, and writes Victorian erotica and romance short stories with a dash of gothic mystique, usually after midnight and by candle light. She collects corsets, lovers, and books. Reviews:”I loved this! Descriptive, sensual and a very pleasant read. I enjoyed it very much.”.It’s a lovely story.”Rated four stars by reader’s reviews. Details: Category: Victorian Romance and EroticaFormat: Kindle eBookWritten and published: 2011Length: Short and sweet (~2900 words)Publisher: My Secret QuillAlso by Lady T.L. Jennings:~ Lust and Lace ~A Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection. Vol. I~ Corsets and Cravings ~A Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection. Vol. II~ Secrets and Seduction ~A Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection. Vol. III. Is to be released 2013
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