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Learn How To Do A Kindle 3 Battery Replacement Yourself

The battery in your Kindle 3 reader is designed to last a long time, but if the time comes when it no longer holds a charge, by learning a few simple steps, you can learn how to do a Kindle 3 battery replacement yourself.

The Kindle 3 battery is capable of holding single charge for three to four weeks, depending on how much you use it. The Kindle 3 device has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery containing a certain number of charges. Once those charges have been exhausted, you’ll need a Kindle 3 battery replacement.

If you are a frequent flyer or have a long commute, during which you use your Kindle 3 reader extensively, chances are you will deplete your battery’s recharging capability.

NOTE: If you perform your own Kindle 3 battery replacement, you will void any remaining warranty on your device. If, however, the warranty has already expired, feel free to read on!

Technically-speaking, the Kindle 3 reader’s cover is sealed. But if you’re careful and take your time, you can loosen and remove the cover in order to do a Kindle 3 battery replacement.

Tools needed:

Prying tool, like an emery stick or small flat-blade screwdriver

Small Phillips-head screwdriver


1. Find a flat work surface, like a table or countertop, and cover it with a soft cloth or towel to protect the face of your Kindle 3 reader.

2. Turn OFF the power to your reader.

3. Place the reader BOTTOM UP on the work surface.

4. The Kindle 3 has a cover which is held in place by clips. These clips are on all four sides of the cover and have to be loosened in order to remove the cover.

NOTE: Work CAREFULLY and GENTLY to loosen the clips, because you’ll have to successfully put the cover back on after replacing the battery.

Use your prying tool of choice to loosen each clip, one at a time, around the cover’s entire perimeter.

5. Once the clips are loosened, you’ll have to slide the cover to one side before it will fully release, in order for you to remove it. Once removed, set the cover aside.

6. With the cover removed, you’ll see the battery inside the reader. It’s held in place with two Phillips-head screws. Undo the screws and set them aside safely. Remove the old battery.

7. Install the new battery, making sure the contacts mesh. Replace the two screws to secure the battery in place.

8. Replace the back cover, snapping all the clips tightly.

NOTE: It’s critical that all the clips are reattached completely to prevent anything from getting inside the reader.

9. Charge the new battery at least four hours before turning on the reader.

10. Turn in the used battery to a battery-recycling center.

NOTE; Please be advised that the preceding instructions carry no guarantee or warranty of service or performance. If you are unsure of your own skills, please contact an authorized Kindle dealer for assistance.

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