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Portable Battery Charger for Laptops Owner

nowadays, more and more people have fashion laptops, today i will introduce you a portable batter charger for laptop, this battry charger’s function is very strong,This is a small and portable frame of the Portable Battery Charger. You can be easy to take it with you, as your the perfect emergency power source. It is also the ideal tech gadget for business trips, long distance rides, and other places where you are often without a power source. Certainly there are the available test button and LED indicators that can display the current battery power at left, which can remind you to recharge!

These kinds of Portable Battery Chargers come with 8 laptop adapter tips which support Contemporary most popular laptop brand names. Combined with the powerful 8800mAh battery, you can get more hours of extended usage for your laptop or netbook. It is also included a USB output port for instant plug-and-charging of any digital USB devices, such as your mobile phones, MP3/MP4 player ( ) eBook reader, MID, iPod, iPhone, and so on ! They are the Universal USB Chargers ! If you don’t know about the Universal USB Chargers.

And it is very safe, it is support Over-load protection,Over-charge protection,Short circuit protection and Over-discharge protection ,it support Output Voltage: DC: 13-16.8V – DC: 5V (USB Port) ,Input Voltage: DC: 12 ~ 18V,AC: 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz .Compact form factor will fit easily in your bag, briefcase, purse, even in your pocket .

i think if you have laptop, this cool gdgets ( ) just good for you , and its price is $54.48, it is a litte expensive, but it is really a good products.


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