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What Is So Unique About The New Amazon Kindle Touch And Touch 3G

There are two kinds of folks that will want to know all about the new electronic readers from, the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Touch 3G.

The first group are people who have heard about how great a Kindle is from buddies or seen somebody else reading one on an aircraft or on the beach. The second group are folk who have got a first, second or third generation Kindle and wonder whether the new touchscreen Kindle readers are worth having a look at.

Let me start by saying these new Kindle touchscreen readers are totally worth looking at. Why? Possibly the top reason is perhaps because Amazon has priced these new wonders for those among us hurt in a weak economy.

Prices on the new Kindle Touch and Touch 3G are so low you can only guess that Amazon is making an attempt to kill Apple, Barnes and Noble and any other rival – current or future.

There’s such a lot to talk of with these new Kindle touchscreen electronic readers it is tough to know where to begin, aside from the cheap prices already listed.

What is very important is that the new Touch and Touch 3G have the same size screen as the previous latest generation Kindle, the 3rd generation device. That unit is basically still available for those who wish to have a keyboard, so now it is sometimes known as the Kindle Keyboard.

Yet with the same size screen, it is packaged a smaller case, making it even lighter and more portable than it was before.

And if you assumed prior Kindle readers were just a bit sluggish on occasions turning pages you’ll be glad to learn the new Kindle Touch readers are faster than previously.

These smashing electronic gems don’t require any software to be installed on your PC, WiFi is built in to all the units, and they do MP3 music and audio books too.

With the little size, no physical keyboard but they have got a virtual on-screen keyboard, and special EasyReach capability for turning pages with the touch of a thumb it’s currently really easily read with one hand.

There is more to tell about the new touchscreen Kindle Touch (WiFi Only) and Kindle Touch 3G but hopefully this brief piece will whet your appetite to learn the whole story.

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Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Cover: Review

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