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Kindle Touch Screen – The e-Reader Revolution

Are you into convenient reading – do you want a no muss, no fuss e-ink reader that is easier for your eyes with a longer battery life? Do you want something that you can easily slip into your pocket and does not require you to use unnecessary buttons or keyboard?

The good news is – Kindle Touch Screen is in town! And there’s better news coming right ahead: There are two types of Kindle Touch Screen too. The one has WiFi connectivity for $100 and $140 without ads and the other Kindle Touch Screen type is the one with both WiFi and free 3G that costs $150 and $190 without ads.

Those who have been using Kindle Touch Screen think so highly of such product because it is almost 20% lighter for it only weighs 6 ounces as compared to the old Kindle which weighs 8 and a half. This Kindle Touch Screen is also 20% lighter than the old Kindle. But then the screen size is just the same – in fact, it you compare it with the old one, the screen looks so much bigger. There is even a boost when it comes to turning the pages speed. And the page turning buttons are definitely fun to click because they just look so attractive!

The best thing about Kindle Touch Screen is its size – you can definitely feel the convenience it gives. If you are too tired to carry a bag to store your Kindle in, then you can say goodbye to this concern. You do not have to worry about clicking the wrong button because the absence of a keyboard makes it impossible. You need not worry about clicking the wrong or unintentional buttons.

This Kindle Touch Screen has no keyboards which could sometimes be a chore. If you want to enter a text, you can simply click on the “virtual” keyboard and it will show up on the screen. You can use the keys to navigate with the help of those five-way controllers. This Kindle Touch Screen comes in a muted silver color making it classy in every way.

This Kindle Touch Screen is definitely one of the best creations ever made by Amazon. Com. It is always surprising to know that Amazon never gets tired of giving what e-book readers need. You can definitely count on Amazon to come up with better Kindles.

If you prefer the old
Amazon Kindle WiFi
, then you can always purchase the old one which you can buy for $100. This type of Kindle may be ideal for the traditional at heart. Kindle Touch Screen are for those who want to be always on the go. Kindle Touch Screen is the newest addition to the Kindle family and is sure to be getting more and more fans and users too.

Kindle Touch Screen
is everything you ever wanted because it is light, fast, cheap and very easy to carry around. You might want to check it out online for more details about this amazing product.

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