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Meeting Women

Meeting Women


Yes, it is possible to pick up women at a funeral, and Dr. Nick Shoveen, Ph.D, author of the famous “Female-to-English Dictionary, a Guide to Interpreting & Manipulating the Female Thought Process,” and “How to Make a Porno Movie” explains the proper approach to use. and he speaks from experience. If you’re not comfortable trying to ‘cut one out of the herd’ at a funeral, Dr. Shoveen also gives time-proven successful methods to use at: The Market, The Bookstore, The Department Store, The Wedding, many other places, plus general routines that can work anywhere. In addition to the advice mentioned, this book contains an added bonus: “The Romance of an Old Fool,” an old book by Roswell Martin Field in which the lead character manages to form a relationship with a much younger woman – and encounters what might be a train wreck. Other than the current book and the ones mentioned above, Shoveen has published another title recently: the “Phone Sex Manual,” his fourth work, which explains how to set up a profitable home business that can earn several hundred dollars an hour. All of Shoveen’s books are detailed on his website at www. and are available in both print and Kindle versions through
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