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How Awesome Is That ? Kindle Cover With Light !

Kindle users would certainly commence the search for the proper leather cover to go with their electronic reading gadget right after purchasing 1, even when only for the sole reason of completing its appear.

An excellent cover is 1 that is far more than just protecting your Kindle against wear & tear. What about one that allows you to read without distracting your partner late into the evening? And which is just one of the many reasons why you should consider the all new Kindle cover with light.


This Kindle Lighted Leather Cover available at Amazon for $59.99 can offer supreme protection to your Kindle. Plus it has a very important feature attached to it – a ray of light. The LED light feature of the cover is its main selling point actually. The light is built-in into the cover. It can be retracted easily to provide the illumination needed when reading.

Just pull out the light to use it and slide it away invisibly proper after. The great thing is the light requires no batteries as it draws power from the Kindle device itself.


The Kindle Lighted Leather Cover is a stylish piece of leather craftsmanship. The product is made out of genuine leather exterior. Inside, a microfiber suede material is used to protect the Kindle. The cover is also especially contoured for comfort. The leather is not exactly luxury quality, but it is a heap better than those cheap faux leather covers you often see.

The item comes in different glorious colors with choice of seven brilliant colors (black, chocolate brown, burgundy red, hot pink, apple green, burnt orange and steel blue) all in a pebble grain leather design that allows you to put a little of your own personality.

Not only it perfectly fits the Kindle, it will protect the device even for those on the go. There are hinges and elastic straps that could keep the Kindle securely in place to the cover. The product is also designed with rounded edges so that it would fit in your hands perfectly, adding 1 far more point to this product’s already many assets.

Overall Impression

Unless you mind the price tag of $59.99, this Kindle Lighted Leather Cover may just be the perfect cover for your Kindle. 1 you can carry wherever you go and always have a reading light with you.

The 1 concern we have is about pulling the light in and out – we wonder if whatever wiring or conductor which is used to get the power from the hinges to the light will eventually break. But that is something we’ll find out down the road.

Summary ;

Unless you mind the price tag of $59.99, this Kindle Lighted Leather Cover may just be the perfect cover for your Kindle. One you can carry wherever you go and always have a reading light with you.

The 1 concern we have is about pulling the light in and out – we wonder if whatever wiring or conductor that’s used to get the power from the hinges to the light will eventually break. But that’s something we’ll find out down the road.

Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Cover: Review

Born Dead on a Winter's Night

Born Dead on a Winter’s Night


Rolland Love was born dead in the dead of winter, still as a stone. Blue as the smoky haze that sometimes settles on the Ozark Mountains. It was a frightening scene: Doc Barnes, a tall rugged-looking man with bushy white hair, worked frantically when he realized there was trouble. His white shirt covered in blood and the flickering light of a kerosene lamp added ghost-like dimension. Cold enough to see your breath, the only source of heat came from a cast iron wood-burning stove in the living room. Love was saved because Doc carried him outside and rolled him in snow that covered the ground from a midwinter storm. The cold caused him to take a breath and began to cry. Rolland say’s he’s pretty sure starting life dead has had an effect. Often, he feels, sees or thinks about something and it stalks him. Intuition has been his companion since he was a kid. Love’s Memoir takes us back to a time when growing up meant living off the land, hunting, fishing and farming. Out of necessity, folks pulled together to make a life and find ways to have fun in the beautiful, and at times forbidding, Ozark mountains. It’s a tale of joy and learning and loss in the style of Mark Twain’s timeless adventures of Tom Sawyer. Experience a bygone era of life in a small Ozark community through the story of one boy’s coming of age in a land of rushing streams, haunted caves and deep woods.”Rolland, you are such a rare, witty, and honest writer! You bring us with you on every page.” ‪Deborah Shouse Special to The Kansas City Star ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Amazon Kindle – Featured Author Review – Rolland Love – “Love’s writing transfigures his Ozark Mountains stories into a series of fantastic tales Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer could have only dreamed of.”Rolland Love is an excellent storyteller. He writes about his real life experiences and he writes from the heart. Funny, too, like Mark Twain. This is not just my personal opinion. I have 4 years of 5th grade students who agree from my read

Designing for Digital Reading

Designing for Digital Reading


Reading is a complex human activity that has evolved, and co-evolved, with technology over thousands of years. Mass printing in the fifteenth century firmly established what we know as the modern book, with its physical format of covers and paper pages, and now-standard features such as page numbers, footnotes, and diagrams. Today, electronic documents are enabling paperless reading supported by eReading technologies such as Kindles and Nooks, yet a high proportion of users still opt to print on paper before reading. This persistent habit of “printing to read” is one sign of the shortcomings of digital documents – although the popularity of eReaders is one sign of the shortcomings of paper. How do we get the best of both worlds? The physical properties of paper (for example, it is light, thin, and flexible) contribute to the ease with which physical documents are manipulated; but these properties have a completely different set of affordances to their digital equivalents. Paper can be folded, ripped, or scribbled on almost subconsciously – activities that require significant cognitive attention in their digital form, if they are even possible. The nearly subliminal interaction that comes from years of learned behavior with paper has been described as lightweight interaction, which is achieved when a person actively reads an article in a way that is so easy and unselfconscious that they are not apt to remember their actions later. Reading is now in a period of rapid change, and digital text is fast becoming the predominant mode of reading. As a society, we are merely at the start of the journey of designing truly effective tools for handling digital text. This book investigates the advantages of paper, how the affordances of paper can be realized in digital form, and what forms best support lightweight interaction for active reading. To understand how to design for the future, we review the ways reading technology and reader behavior have both changed and remained

Foundation Course: Portrait Photography

Foundation Course: Portrait Photography


Authoritative, concise course on successfully shooting arresting portraits, perfect for the novice photographerPortrait photography aims to capture the expression, personality, and mood of a person or group of people. Like other types of portraiture, the focus of the photograph is usually the person’s face, although the entire body and the background or context may also be included. With clear, concise, and jargon-free text, Portrait Photography guides the novice photographer through the various styles of portraiture to capture subjects from babies, toddlers, and children to teenagers and adults, and couples to families. The book begins with information on how to set up a small portrait studio in the home, including the use of appropriate backgrounds, flash equipment, and other accessories, in addition to assembling a portable kit of equipment for shooting in the field. As a guide to the technical aspects of photography, the authors cover the essentials of correct exposure, white balance settings, and shooting in natural light, along with hints and tips on pre-shoot preparations such as make-up, hair, and clothing for the subject of the portrait. Post-production techniques such as skin retouching and color correction are explained, as are printing options for portraits. The main content of the book is structured as a tutorial that explains the basic skills and techniques of photography in relation to the specific subject area it covers. This allows the reader to progress at his or her own pace. An informative lesson is followed by an easy revision guide, which leads on to a specific practical project. A section on analysis encourages the reader to critique his or her own work by pointing out the likely pitfalls. Kindle and ePub files are in fixed layout format which provide the reader with a visually immersive experience of this beautifully designed book. Pages can be zoomed and 2 portrait pages can be viewed together by turning the device to landscape. Please note th

How to Make Money Shooting Stock Footage

How to Make Money Shooting Stock Footage


Learn to navigate the stock footage industry and supplement your income with creativity! This e-book contains basic tips, tricks, and hints on what to shoot and how to prepare your footage for submission to several of the more popular microstock footage agencies on the Internet. Video examples (via links in this Kindle-friendly version), charts, and even sample financial data included! Topics covered include: What is stock footage? Equipment needed, including lights and tripod recommendations Camera types and options What to shoot What to be cautious of Basic clip preparation, including file types, codecs, file organization, and keywording Model and property releases Agencies to consider selling at, with sections discussing iStock, Revostock, Pond5, ShutterStock, Fotolia, and ClipCanvas Is being exclusive good for you? Clip pricing Dealing with rejections How to market yourself and more, including backup options and bookkeeping recommendations! If you’re thinking about getting into the stock footage business, or are a new producer struggling with technical issues while preparing your clips, this book will serve as a valuable resource.

Kindle Fire HD For Dummies

Kindle Fire HD For Dummies


Movies, apps, games, e-books, and more – enjoy them all on the hottest device in town – the Kindle Fire HD! From its stunning color touchscreen to its ultrafast speed, the Kindle Fire HD is sparking everyone’s interest. This full-color guide will have you blazing through the web, staying entertained with the latest apps and games, watching your favorite TV shows and movies, and, of course, reading magazines, newspapers, and books to indulge all your interests. Whether this is your first tablet or you’re upgrading from another device, you’ll get to know your Kindle Fire HD and rekindle your love of reading with Kindle Fire HD For Dummies! Covers the Kindle Fire HD and original Kindle Fire Helps you navigate the interface, customize your settings, get connected, and take advantage of Amazon Cloud Shows you how to work with the built-in apps and find new ones to to try out from the Amazon Appstore Explains how to fill your Kindle Fire with cool stuff – from movies and music to videos, photos, apps, e-books, and more Walks you through using Amazon’s incredibly smooth Amazon Silk web browser to find anything you need online and keep in touch with e-mail, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter Light ‘er up and unleash the fun with Kindle Fire HD For Dummies!

Lamb to Slaughter

Lamb to Slaughter


The brainchild of Amazon Kindle Number One bestselling western writers Mike Stotter and Ben Bridges, PICCADILLY PUBLISHING is dedicated to reissuing new and classic fiction from Yesterday and Today! LAMB TO SLAUGHTER It’s 1862, and rebel-held Richmond, Virginia, is under attack by Union forces. Belle Slaughter goes undercover as an agent for Pinkerton’s Secret Service. Her passport into the capital’s society is marriage to the dissolute Confederate colonel, Courtney Monette, but that doesn’t cramp her style. She’ll play the field and honey-talk her way into the confidence of any eager young Johnny Reb officer who knocks on her boudoir door. What Belle discovers leads her down a dangerous path that-if she’s caught-promises risk of death by firing squad or the hangman’s noose. As the enemy closes in on her, Kirby Langstrom is hunting down an outlaw irregular and comes across a sinister secret society that is mobilizing its forces under the banner of the South. Whilst both agents struggle against the might of Confederate subterfuge, an old enemy rears his head and with blood in his eye crosses the battle lines in search of revenge. The adversaries are destined to come together against the background of the first major conflict of the Civil War. Even as the struggle continues more plots come to light that are certain to undermine the advantage of both sides in the conflict. Bo Peep may have lost her sheep, but Belle has found her little lamb … and she intends for it to go to the cleaners before it’s slaughtered. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tony Masero is an internationally known Illustrator, who is perhaps best known for his stunning book covers. Of the many series he worked on he is particularly known for the two best selling and long running Western series for George G Gilman’s Edge and Steele characters, where he painted most of the covers for the European market. Tony originally trained as a Graphic Designer in London and worked in the design field before taking up

Manufactured Light

Manufactured Light


Complex and time-consuming to produce, iron-ore mirrors stand out among Prehispanic artifacts for their aesthetic beauty, their symbolic implications, and the complexity and skill of their assembly. Manufactured Light presents the latest archaeological research on these items, focusing on the intersection of their significance and use and on the technological aspects of the manufacturing processes that created them. The volume covers the production, meaning, and utilization of iron-ore mirrors in various Mesoamerican communities. Chapters focus on topics such as experimental archaeology projects and discussions of workshops in archaeological contexts in the Maya, Central Mexico, and northwest Mexico regions. Other chapters concentrate on the employment and ideological associations of these mirrors in Prehispanic times, especially as both sacred and luxury items. The final chapters address continuities in the use of mirrors from Prehispanic to modern times, especially in contemporary indigenous communities, with an emphasis on examining the relationship between ethnographic realities and archaeological interpretations. While the symbolism of these artifacts and the intricacy of their construction have long been recognized in archaeological discussions, Manufactured Light is the first synthesis of this important yet under-studied class of material culture. It is a must-read for students and scholars of Mesoamerican archaeology, ethnography, religion, replicative experimentation, and lithic technology. Contirbutors include: Marc G. Blainey, Thomas Calligaro, Carrie L. Dennett, Emiliano Gallaga, Julie Gazzola, Sergio Gómez Chávez, Olivia Kindl, Brigitte Kovacevich, Achim Lelgemann, José J. Lunazzi, John J. McGraw, Emiliano Melgar, Joseph Mountjoy, Reyna Solis, and Karl Taube.

Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog


The meditations in Out of The Fog range from a riff on Dr. Seuss’s song, Waltzing with Bears, to a serious discussion of Albert Schweitzer’s theology of reverence for life. We learn from such diverse role models as Jesus and Nemo (as in the fish Nemo). We celebrate the glories and agonies of the seasons in New England as well as a Wisconsin winter that rivaled the worse snows of Maine. We face the dark side of humanity. We are reminded that there truly are good people making a difference in the world. We are asked questions about our own spiritual lives. We ponder ways of creating a peaceful world. We are taught by children, dogs, cats, seashells, gardens; the sacredness of the every day is lifted up. We are asked to think of what our children really need from us. We are reminded to rest in the grace of the world. We are challenged to act for what we believe in. We are given hope in life and in ourselves and along the way we laugh often. Excerpt from Out of the Fog I miss a fireplace. A working fireplace. Or rather, a fireplace of delights and dreams – and real logs, real fire. I grew up with a fireplace in our living room, not used for heat, but for warmth, beauty, visions, friendliness. We carefully cleaned the fireplace each Christmas Eve, so Santa would not be covered in ash. On Christmas Day, we lit the fire using as kindling the few Christmas wrappings my mother deemed unsalvageable for another year. The fireplace crackled, snapped, and exuded good cheer all December 25th and New Year’s as it did on Thanksgiving, and on snowy January, February, and March days and evenings. The fire removed the chill of fog in fall and spring, and in the hurricane became briefly a working fireplace, for heat, for light, for cooking, most of all, for the vision of coziness amidst the tempest’s roar. Even in summer, when the days turned damp and shivery, the fire would be lit and we’d gather in its glow for fun and games. I still have the old wire popcorn popper we jiggled abo

The Battle for Borobudur

The Battle for Borobudur


If you love action and suspense. If you love mystery. If you’re looking for a book that you can’t put down, this is the book for you! Check out these recommendations from others! Great Book! By H.WidlundA great adventure filled book! A little confusing at some points, but over all an amazing book. The twists and turns have you on the edge of your seat. The characters are lovable and genuine. The illustrations are awesome and have lots of detail. I can’t wait to read the next book because I’m sure I’ll gobble it up just like this one!A Good BookBy Mark AccardoThis review is from: The Battle for Borobudur (The Adventures of Orlando Decius) (Kindle Edition)This is the best book i have ever read and im very picky about what i read seorously peole you must read this i enjoy it so much.A book my son wouldn’t put down! By C.E. KuykendallI bought this book for my 12 year old son. I can tell he loved it because he read it at the breakfast table, at night under the covers with a flash light and every spare moment until he finished it! I am so excited to see him reading! He can’t wait for the next book!

The Diamond Master

The Diamond Master


There were thirty or forty personally addressed letters, the daily heritage of the head of a great business establishment; and a plain, yellow-wrapped package about the size of a cigarette-box, some three inches long, two inches wide and one inch deep. It was neatly tied with thin scarlet twine, and innocent of markings except for the superscription in a precise, copperplate hand, and the smudge of the postmark across the ten-cent stamp in the upper right-hand corner. The imprint of the cancellation, faintly decipherable, showed that the package had been mailed at the Madison Square substation at half-past seven o’clock of the previous evening. Mr. Harry Latham, president and active head of the H. Latham Company, manufacturing jewelers in Fifth Avenue, found the letters and the package on his desk when he entered his private office a few minutes past nine o’clock. The simple fact that the package bore no return address or identifying mark of any sort caused him to pick it up and examine it, after which he shook it inquiringly. Then, with kindling curiosity, he snipped the scarlet thread with a pair of silver scissors, and unfolded the wrappings. Inside was a glazed paper box, such as jewelers use, but still there was no mark, no printing, either on top or bottom. The cover of the box came off in Mr. Latham’s hand, disclosing a bed of white cotton. He removed the downy upper layer, and there-there, nestling against the snowy background, blazed a single splendid diamond, of six, perhaps seven, carats. Myriad colors played in its blue-white depths, sparkling, flashing, dazzling in the subdued light. Mr. Latham drew one long quick breath, and walked over to the window to examine the stone in the full glare of day.

The Pilot's Manual: Multi-Engine Flying (Kindle edition)

The Pilot’s Manual: Multi-Engine Flying (Kindle edition)


This is the Ebook (epub) edition of this title. Multi-engine flying opens up new opportunities to utilize an airplane for personal or professional transportation, allowing you to cruise faster, carry more passengers or cargo, and in most cases, fly higher and in greater comfort. With this enhanced capability comes an increased complexity in the aircraft systems, their operations and performance, and pilot decision-making. The Pilot’s Manual: Multi-Engine Flying covers the differences between these aircraft and their single-engine counterparts, providing detailed instruction on systems, aerodynamics, and performance. With reference to the most widely flown light twin training aircraft, the authors cover everything needed for pilots to earn a multi-engine rating using real-world scenarios and examples. Each chapter details the objectives and key terms involved, with descriptions of the systems supported with full color illustrations, an overview of how the pilot interacts with the systems during aircraft operations, and possible emergencies specific to those systems. Review questions conclude the chapters to deepen understanding and apply the material. Tying together systems knowledge, checklist protocol, and aeronautical decision making as taught in this book, a multi-engine pilot can be confident of achieving mastery of the aircraft.

View of a Cemetery ~ Victorian Romance and Erotica

View of a Cemetery ~ Victorian Romance and Erotica


The first snow has already fallen and covered London in white.A lone writer by the name of William is working late, when he notices a flickering light opposite the street in the neglected Winchester cemetery. He decides to investigate it further…An extract from the story:”…Not responsible for my actions…” she whispered slowly and stood up, tip-toe, and kissed him. He was too surprised to draw back and when he tried, she had already placed her unexpectedly strong arms around his neck and he lacked the strength to pry them away. In fact, he felt strangely helpless, like it was someone else who acted instead of him, as he kissed her back. His hands involuntarily reached her waist and pulled her closer. She, on the other hand, shredded his clothes like they were made of paper and pulled him down towards the floor with him on top of her. Keywords: Yearning, vampires, vulnerability, hunger, mild ravishment. About the author: Lady T.L. Jennings is a secretive writer who loves the Victorian era, afternoon tea, and small obedient dogs. She lives in Oxfordshire, England, and writes Victorian erotica and romance short stories with a dash of gothic mystique, usually after midnight and by candle light. She collects corsets, lovers, and books. Reviews:”I loved this! Descriptive, sensual and a very pleasant read. I enjoyed it very much.”.It’s a lovely story.”Rated four stars by reader’s reviews. Details: Category: Victorian Romance and EroticaFormat: Kindle eBookWritten and published: 2011Length: Short and sweet (~2900 words)Publisher: My Secret QuillAlso by Lady T.L. Jennings:~ Lust and Lace ~A Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection. Vol. I~ Corsets and Cravings ~A Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection. Vol. II~ Secrets and Seduction ~A Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection. Vol. III. Is to be released 2013
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