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The Kindle is by far and away the most popular eBook Reader in Australia since its launch in October 2009. Available in two models, the Kindle and the Kindle DX both feature a long battery life,  large and clear e-ink screen, can hold up to 1,500 books (3,500 for the Kindle DX) and has an integrated bookstore and wireless using the 3G network so you can use it independently of your computer. However, if you have a computer,  you can connect it up via the included USB cable and sync your own pdf’s and free ebooks from sites like Project Gutenburg, audio books from or books purchased on If you have a Mac, PC or iPhone you can also download Amazons new free reader software that lets you read books on your device and it will sync them so that you will always be on the same page on whatever device you use to read your book. Read your Kindle in bed and your iPhone on your way to work in the morning. When you pick up your Kindle that night it will automatically sync to the same location you were up to on your iPhone. This one feature has changed the way you read e-books for good. The Australian Kindle retails for USD$259 and approx USD$20 to ship it to Australia in around 4 days using DHL. The Australian Kindle DX is USD$489 + approx. USD$20 to ship anywhere in Australia. Australian Kindle books start at USD$9.99 so it will also save you money when compared to normal paperbacks. Are there any downsides to the Kindle? Well, a few. A colour screen would be nice, wifi connectivity and a much larger selection of local content, but, surely, Amazon is working on these already and thousands of new books have been added to the Kindle store over the past few months. Here is the direct link to purchase the Australian Kindle & Kindle DX, be very careful to purchase the correct version for Australia. You can also own this amazing gadget for free by signing up to FREE newsletter which will be drawn on February 28, 2010. For more information visit

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