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How to Get to Island 8,9,10 in Pokemon Fire Red

Navel Rock (a.k.a. “Island 8″) and Birth Island (a.k.a. “Island 9″) are two small

unchartered islands which only appear on the town map after you’ve visited them.

However, you probably already know that the Seagallop that leaves out of Vermillion City

won’t take you there…unless, that is, you have the proper ID *wink wink*

Now then, how exactly do you get to these islands? Well, before I answer that question,

make sure that you’ve accomplished the following on your Fire Red / Leaf Green game:

-beat the Elite Four (for the first time)

-find the little girl in the Berry Woods and give the meteorite to her father (on

Kin Island (a.k.a. “Island 3″)

Once you’re sure you’ve done both the things above, here is what you need to get to the

two secret islands (both are key items):

Auroraticket: A ticket required to board the ship to BIRTH ISLAND. It glows beautifully.

Mysticticket: A required to board the ship to NAVEL ROCK. It glows with a mystic light.

But, how do we get these items? Well, sadly and simply….you can’t. Unless you were at

one of the three Pokémon Rocks America events last year, there is no way to get the

tickets. Nintendo says on their official web site that you’ll be able to download the

tickets from certain retail locations, but no such locations have yet been established.

Tickets are downloaded from a special Nintendo device called a Wonder Spot, which

communicates with FR/LG wirelessly using the Mystery Event feature. (To unlock the Mystery

Event, go to any Pokémart and inspect the clipboard on the counter. Fill out the servey

with “Link together with all”)

The Mystery Event ONLY exists to communicate with a Wonder Spot, and you can’t use it with

another GBA, like you could in G/S/C. It’s not certain at this time whether the tickets

can be traded from one GBA to another using the “friend” option in the mystery event.

Once you have the tickets, go talk to the sailor at the end of the docks at Vermillion

City, and he’ll register the tickets, allowing you to go to Navel Rock and Birth Island as

many times as you want.

~Navel Rock~

Navel Rock, a.k.a. Island 8, is located between islands 4 and 5. Once you have the

Mysticticket, go to the dock in Vermillion City, and take the Seagallop-High Speed 12 to

get to the island. Note that you can fly to islands 4 and 5 from this island, but you

can’t fly TO this island. Also, you can only get here from Vermillion (in other words,

there is no boat from island 4 to Navel Rock, etc.)

Once you’ve arrived, walk up into the cave, and follow the path up, ignoring the p***ages

that you’ll see on your left and right. Once you can’t go up any more, you’ll come to a

long room with two ladders: one heading down, and the other heading up. If you walk down

the ladder, and keep heading down on the next screens, you’ll get to Lugia. The ladder

heading up leads to Ho-oh.

Both Lugia and Ho-oh are on Level 70, so come prepared with powerful pokémon, plenty of

healing items, and at least 90 ultra balls.

~Birth Island~

It can only be accessed after downloading the Auroraticket through Mystery Gift, talking

to the sailor in front of the Seagallop Ferries’ dock, and selecting it as the


There is nothing on the island except a triangle, that you have to move around until it

turns red. When it turns red the island shakes and a Lv.30 Deoxys appears, it’s appearance

and stats depend on if you’re using LG/FR.

The only current way – without using a Nintendo Event, which are no longer happening – is

if you have a Gameshark or Action Replay and are willing to cheat a little then use the

codes below:

But please note that once you put in the code, walk through a door, and you will reach the

Islands 8/9, but then take out your cheating device to prevent further warps. Please

ENSURE that.


8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Birth Island/Navel Rock Enabler

07CF2578 E43B4EBF

Warp to Birth Island



Warp Navel Rock



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