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The five advantages of Kindle Fire compared with iPad

As an insider, when it comes to tablet pc, the first two tech giants come into our mind must be Apple and Amazon-both begin with the letter “A”. Yes, it is just the two giants have changed the world, changed the way we live, especially for the young people.

It is often the case that we can see more and more people carrying an ipad in the street listening music, playing ipad games, watching ipad videos etc. It has apparently becomes an irreversible trend. You maybe say we have learned much of ipad such as how to transfer music from ipad to mac or how to
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with ease. And in order to show a more higher class among your friends, you would like to buy an ipad not a kindle, am I right? Ok, if possible, you can stick your choice, but once we have a good comparison of them, you maybe have another choice when buying a table pc.

November 15, according to foreign media reports, Kindle Fire will be listing soon, and foreign technology blog Today In Tech summed up compared with the iPad Kindle Fire’s five killer.

1 unparalleled price advantage

If Apple’s products can be irresistible, then Amazon (microblogging) prices are also irresistible. Although the iPad covered in all the aroma exudes a charming, but $ 499 is not everyone can stroke of a pen. The Kindle Fire 199 dollars or even less than the price of half of the iPad 2. Although the price is low, but performance is not necessarily as good as iPad. From books to games, iPad’s most feature, Kindle Fire has.

2 7 display memory

iPad launch, the size 10-inch Tablet PC has become a common size. However, Amazon chose not to appreciate this, the Kindle Fire designed to 7 inches. Amazon want to say, that not a small 7-inch, 14.6-ounce weight is also light. Use Amazon’s own words, “Kindle Fire you can just sort of a small to hold in the palm.” From the portability point of view, Kindle Fire definitely win the iPad.

3 Amazon’s backing

Amazon is Kinde Fire’s greatest asset. Apple relies on hardware and software seamlessly open one day, behind the Amazon rely on a strong online retail resources are constantly let your pocket. In that way, Kindle Fire is just one of the Amazon countless exports. Thank Android system highly customizable user interface, Kinde Fire also has its own application store Amazon offers e-books, online music and in-kind transactions.

Now the Android market was mixed, Amazon appears to be “themselves”, because for consumers, Amazon is worthy of trust, loyalty and brand awareness.

4 Cloud Storage

Providing for the Kinde Fire Amazon cloud storage space, even if you run out of space 8G built-in does not matter. Since the depth of the Amazon to digitize as a top priority, then you download music movies books all through the cloud storage application using Wifi to download. In this way, you do not consume space without loss of data,

5 Streaming Media Services

Perhaps you are not member of Amazon Prime grade. But with the Amazon Kindle Fire means that you and the Prime that is about it. Once the purchase Kindle Fire, you can get a month’s Prime qualifications, which means that you can in two days the vast majority of virtual free consumer products, visit the repository on Demand over 10,000 movies and TV, access to electronic library feast for the eyes .

Now, after reading this article, are you still stick to your previous choice? Whether are you considering once again to buy a cheap light kindle fire? If so, what are you waiting for?Just hit for it to have a try in person, I bet you will not be disappointed.

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