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Dead Rising 2 Case West Book Locations Guide: How to Find All Books in Case West

There are 7 books in
Dead Rising 2 Case West,
If you’re a fan, especially of the original version with Frank West, you’ll love this release. It’s only available on the XBox 360, here are all
Case West book locations
and how to find them.

Case West Books 1: Blades

The blades book is in the north western corner of the storage bay/loading dock up on the rafter in the corner.

Case West Books 2: Hand to Hand

Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines Power Boost Bare Hand Attacks

Case West Books 3: Health 1

Royal Flush Plaza, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Bonus Health – Food – 50%

Case West Books 4: Health 2

Yucatan Casino, Baron Von Brathaus Bonus Health – Food – 50%

Case West Books 5: Horror 1

Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines Bonus PP Kills 25%

Case West Books 6: Horror 2

Palisades Mall, Stan’s Large Print Books and Magazines Bonus PP Kills 25%

There’s also a science book in Case West.

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