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Black Genocide

Black Genocide


Dear brothers and sisters, we need a big favor and support from you, and to encourage you to help us, we’ve decided to do a give-away as soon as we reach our goal of selling 26,000 copies of the book. There will be two winners who will each receive $200 in cash. So, what’s the deal and why are we doing this? We are trying to raise funds for our business idea but we feel that asking for money alone is not the best way to go about this. We’ve decided to write a self-help book on business ideas here and abroad in Africa. We’ve also outlined countless reasons AND benefits for why black unity and economic empowerment is fundamental in combating our global issues. The key to a bright future is in our hands black people! So, in order for our book to become the official “Bestseller” on the Amazon Kindle platform as well as other eBook platforms such as Booktango. we need to have real customers with real sales and real testimonials posted on the Amazon/Booktango website. What’s surprising is that it doesn’t take a million orders to become a best seller. If only 100 people buy our book (at just $3.99), it will probably top the list of African American business/economic books. Your testimonials will boost our book to the top giving us exposure so that more people would buy our book. Will you help us? We are selling our book through our own web platform which gives us 100% of the royalties so you don’t have to worry about your money supporting others. Our goal is to sell at least 26,000 copies so please share our message with as many people as you can. It would mean a lot to us! Thank you!

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 3rd Edition

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 3rd Edition


Carla King’s self-publishing books have been the go-to guides for authors since 2010. This new edition has been already been downloaded by tens of thousands of authors to help them in their indie author journey. In it, she curates a list of affordable tools and services you can trust and warns you against companies with expensive fees who prey on authors eager to publish. Whether you’re writing fiction, nonfiction or creating a full-color book, you’ll learn how to produce it in print and all the popular ebook formats with technology that does most of the work for you. This guide is a thorough but friendly tour of the process with to-do and checklists lists to get you started on the publishing path that’s right for you, or if you need to start over, it’ll help you back out of a process that is not working. If you’re not doing it yourself, you’ll learn enough to hire and guide a book producer or a team of professionals. Topics include choosing the right tools for book creation and distribution, running your publishing business, author brand and platform, social media marketing and traditional promotion, hybrid publishing with trusted partners, attracting an agent and a traditional publishing deal, raising money for your book, sales and distribution, metadata, SEO, and book discovery in Amazon and all the online retailers, selling in brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries, formatting and conversion, EPUB format and MOBI for Kindle and creating a full-color, fixed-layout book for the new tablet readers, printing, mailing lists, websites, and blogs. If you can’t find the answer in her book Carla replies to questions very quickly via email. The new or clarified information goes in the next update. This is why her Self-Pub Boot Camp series of books and workshops have been so successful. She is committed to providing access to information to ease the self-publishing journey. The pre-release version of this guide was downloaded tens of thousands of times by authors eager to j

Hacking Audiobooks - The Step by Step Guide to Zero-Cost Audiobook Publishing & Sales (With Full Audio Course in MP3 format)

Hacking Audiobooks – The Step by Step Guide to Zero-Cost Audiobook Publishing & Sales (With Full Audio Course in MP3 format)


How To Turn Your Existing Books Into Another Stream of Income By Tapping Into This Booming $ 3 Billion A Year Market For FREE (Literally!)In 2014, the Audio Book Publishing Industry grew by 28% compared to the 6% growth in the EBook Publishing Industry for the same period. Join me in this book where I share step by step how you can benefit from theexplosive growth and low competition in the Audiobook Publishing Industry and how I have personally sold 998 Audiobooks on complete autopilot with no marketing or audiobook creation costs. Publishing Audio books represents a big opportunity because * audiobooks are higher priced than ebooks, * pricing is controlled by Audible, * audiobooks are perceived to be of higher value * are being purchased by people with a lot of disposal income* production costs are nil if you choose the royalty share option* there are currently only 180,000+ audiobooks on audible versus 3.36+ million titles on kindleInside this comprehensive guide you will discover:* How to easily set up your account* The big secret to getting the best producers* The insider secret to setting up your production schedule to attract the best auditions* The profile listing “A” list* How to build an audiobook publishing empire* How to make more money with this opportunity beyond your own books and much more!
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