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A new innovation to marketing and interior decorating are personalized vinyl wall decals and personalized car window decals. These decals are long-lasting and can be custom designed.

Personalized vinyl wall decals can be an extremely popular interior design tool. They may be purchased in numerous sizes for small designs or a large mural effect. The wall decals is often folded or rolled to lower shipping costs and can be applied to any smooth or lightly surfaced, non-porous surface. The decals stick to the surface utilizing a light adhesive which provides a bond strong enough to hold the decals in place, but light enough to be removed and repositioned without damaging the surface.

Personalized car window decals could be used on the back window of vehicles or even on any of the passenger windows. These decals can be bought in two different formats to feature 100 or 50/50 percent vinyl. The 100 percent vinyl is advisable for small graphics or text which will not obscure your field of vision when driving. The 50/50 vinyl is employed to manufacture graphics that fully cover the back or side windows. This vinyl utilizes small holes to allow a full line of sight.

Car window as well as wall decals can also be found in a static cling alternative. The static cling option takes a completely flat surface but features additional versatility. It is actually applied in much the same way, but they can be repositioned an infinite number of times. This type of cling is typically installed inside windows as they are less durable than adhesive decals. This option is helpful for businesses that advertise seasonally or have calendar based sales.

Application of vinyl decals is mostly basic and might be installed by the manufacturer or consumer. Surface preparation is a crucial and has to be done to ensure a solid bond between the vinyl and surface. The decals are composed of three layers to include transfer tape, graphic and backing layer. The graphic could be positioned in place with a level and masking tape. Transfer can be completed by removing the transfer tape, smoothing the vinyl into place and removing the backing material.

Vinyl wall decals and window decals can resist temperature ranges between -20 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. They ususally are cleaned with mild cleaner. They tend to be susceptible to severe water pressure and will wear with extended exposure to elements just like moisture and sunlight. The decals can be taken off by pulling the decal from the surface. Some window clings are going to have a more powerful adhesive and could be taken out with a razor blade and adhesive cleaner.

Vinyl wall decals and personalized car window decals are a great alternative to paint, posters or pictures. They can be applied without hiring a vendor and can be removed and replaced as often as desired due to changing decor wishes, business name changes or even advertising specials. These decals will provide a seamless addition to your design needs.

Wet application of vinyl decal to iPad

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