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How to Fix the IPad Touch Screen Problem – Self Touching

Do you have met with the problem that the iPad will just tab on the screen by it self ? I think it happened to a lot of people. And those tips will help computer users to fix the iPad touch screen problem – self touching.


You should do a complete reset. If that doesn’t fix it, take it back to the store, show them the video and try to duplicate the problem. If they will not swap it, ask for the manager and demand they exchange it.


1)check whether the battery is low.

2)put a little pressure on back and bottom right corner of i pad then it may start working normally.it will be a temporary solution till your i pod is exchanged with other one by the manufacturer.

my advice is to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.


You have to try reseting it by holding the home button and power button until it turns off and then turn it back on in 10 seconds.


There is a very easy way to solve iPad touch screen problem – self touching. You have to put it on the floor and jump on it.


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