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If In Any Doubt, 7 Tips On Going From A Personal Computer To A Mac

Six months ago I ultimately made the change. I went from a COMPUTER to a Mac. Having used a PC for virtually 20 years, I thought I would share my experiences and provided 7 tips on this changing experience.

I first thought about having a Mac about 2 years before I eventually made the purchase. As somebody involved in corporate web design, making the correct computer purchase is very vital.

My Dell portable was grinding to a halt. So , I started performing some research on the Mac. I started comparing the cost of a Mac vs a Computer and revealed that the Mac was considerably more expensive than a replacement PC.

The Technical Specifications of Each Alternative

I began to compare the hard drive space, the memory, the processor speeds and the screen sizes. Also what were critical were the external ports such as USB drives and the DVD and CD recording capabilities.

The specs of both appeared to be the same, so why don’t you treat myself to a shiny new Mac laptop computer.

Then I started window shopping to find the closest stockists and if they have the product in stock I was trying to find. I might have acquired online but felt such a giant investment merited a face-to-face visit.

So off I drove to the closest store with cash in my wallet ready to make my purchase.

After browsing in-store and playing around the keywords and the interface, I was ready to pick up the product when a sales advisor questioned if he could help me.

I told him I was changing from a PC to a MAC. It was at that point my doubts crept in. He essentially put forward all the reasons which explain why I should stick with a Computer and an hour later I ended up walking out with a new PC portable computer.

That was 2 years ago. Since then I migrated over to the iPhone and I acquired an iPad. Looking back, moving straight from a Computer to a Mac would have been a big leap of faith and learning. Yes, having experience of other Apple products has helped. But when I finally did make the move to the Mac, here are the 7 tips I would like to share.

1. Our greatest fear lies in anticipation

We all fear change and the unknown and switching devices can fill us with fear. When you conquer this fear and make the leap you are made to learn quickly. Casting back, it’s not that difficult.

2. Cost is an element

Personal computers are less costly and the higher priced alternative is clearly an obstruction. However the lengthier battery life and the continued incorporation with other mobile devices saves me time and doubtless money in the long term. Treat yourself you deserve it.

3. Will I be in a position to use my PC based software

I had to do a little research before I made my new purchase to find out if my older software was compatible. I did have to buy a new licence for my world processing and spreadsheet software. Other than that, every piece of software I used had Mac based choices I could download as an element of my original purchase licence. Today many pieces of software are built on Adobe Air that has compatibility with both systems.

4. What about my old documents and files

I bought an external hard drive and transferred all my old files over. So now all I do is plug in the external drive to my USB port to access these old files. Very easy and so easy.

5. What about the keyword and commands?

In took my about one week to realise some of the new keyboard commands. Also be advised that to enlarge and reduce document windows you use the top left hand side of a window rather than the top right side with the windows operation system. Control and copy and control and paste are now command copy and command paste.

The only upsetting feature missing isn’t having up and down buttons on the keyboard.

6. What of my email?

E-mail uses standard customs like pop and imap. All you have to know are your settings. Find your e-mail settings and then set up your account with the built in mail programme. It is really that easy.

7. Dive in and start

The day I acquired my new PC, I opened it up and inside 5 minutes was already working. I started on a new piece of work and I was emailing, instant messaging and making internet-based phone calls within the hour.

Fraser McCulloch of Platonik is a specialist in Corporate Site Design. On his company internet site are company web design examples of many different business.

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