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How To Find The Science Fiction Books In A Better Way

[p]Even though the science fiction books give lot of entertainment to both kids and adults, they partially involve the truth about fictitious theories of science Most of these books are written based on the alternate possibilities of reality, some of the stories are completely fantasy and unbelievable The books based on science fiction are purely based on the situations of past or future and entertaining and they also create an impact on the human society. Compared to the articulate, the mainstream fiction is preferred to be better than the scientific fiction as the characters, emotional situations and compelling plots are liked by the readers and they take them to a different world that is imaginary.[br /]

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Many kids love to read science fiction books that involve the future settings with advanced technological principles like journey to the time lines or different alternate dimension or universe We can find many astounding sci-fi fantasy books and magazines in the market that are based on the speculative scientific developments, life on other planets, and travel to space etc [br /]

Most of the people enjoy reading these books in great numbers and it’s the best way of understanding the fictitious stories about past, present and future Since the science fiction stories involves more of imaginary characters like aliens, robot, ray guns and much more, it is very difficult to judge the theme of the story.[br /]

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While the old generation themes emphasized more on exploring the theories of science and technology, the new era books are focusing more into new facts like biotechnology, cloning, nuclear power and computerization May sub genres and types are involved in the science fiction stories as it is based on setting and theme. The writers of science fiction stories are well specialized on various genres and types of stories. Many authors of science fiction books are well known for their hard, soft and social based science fiction stories. The science fiction stories based on hard type emphasize on the information that are not fantasy theme based and they are mostly written by the individuals with good and strong background of science whereas the soft type of science fiction is more on sociology, psychology, philosophy and anthropology based. [br /]

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Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Greg Bear and Arthur C Clarke are best known hard sci-fi writers who are very popular for their contribution to advanced science and technology in physics and robotics The soft sci-fi writers like Ursula K LeGuin, Ray Bradbury, and Lois McMaster Bujold focused mainly on the characters and their relationships thus de-emphasizing the science and technology [/p]

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